LG G8 ThinQ without voice speaker, will use screen vibration technology to transmit sound?

The latest leaked news suggests that LG G8 ThinQ will no longer use the voice speaker, replacing it with a second selfie camera, it seems that this will be a super-wide base tube to selfie more people. If this information is correct, ThinQ has all 4 cameras, 2 front and 2 back. Because no longer using the voice speaker, G8 will vibrate the screen to transmit sound to your ears, is similar to the way Xiaomi used to apply Early Mi Mi or Sharp Aquos lines are super thin . We also see that the rear camera is placed horizontally instead of lying on the LG G7. The device still uses a fingerprint sensor behind the back rather than under the screen.

LG G7 is expected to debut at MWC 2019 exhibition in late February .



Source: The Verge , 91Mobiles

Test eSIM (Vinaphone) with international iPhone Xs Max

Testing Vinaphone eSIM shows that registering a SIM card is simpler and faster than using a traditional sim quite a lot. In terms of network speed, voice and text quality is very smooth, not lost. eSIM also brings a lot of other values ​​not only good for users, for phone carriers, operators and also for living environment.


Simple operation.
Everything you need to do to add a sim to the phone will take place in about 30 seconds. Before 30s, you were just enough to open the sim out of the cover that contained it. Obviously, esim will make things much simpler and easier. ‘

Fast speed
Actual testing of Vinaphone 4G network as well as calling, texting, web … shows stable network, clear voice, quick messages. In general, the basic function of a SIM is very good.

Better connection
Because there is no need to have contact legs like physical sim, we can eliminate all problems such as loose legs of the SIM when there is a collision, so long-term use of the SIM is too bad, we need to pad the paper, use the long dust , the circuit is oxidized … leading to bad contact. With esim, all difficulties due to physical contact are eliminated.

Without physical contact, we don’t need sim cards, no sim card slots and lots of things to communicate inside the machine. So the external machine will be beautiful because it is more communication, more sturdy, and the inside will be more empty for other components or make the machine small and compact.

Protect the environment
A current sim card for use is regular sim, microsim or nano sim, all need a pet card to go with and enclose pet card and all kinds of papers, poking sim … every year there are hundreds Millions of sims are made and it clearly affects the living environment.

Other information needs clarification:

  • Can one machine add more eSIM? : Was tried
  • How will SIM trading exchange take place?
  • Remove the eSIM from the computer, where will it go?

I’ll experiment more and share with you later. Thanks to Vinaphone for lending eSIM to try.

Vinaphone has given users the option to order esim or change the sim card often into esim. Please follow this link. https://esim.vinaphone.com.vn/

_ DSC5400.jpg

_ DSC5396.jpg

_ DSC5398.jpg

On hand and donated Samsung SGH-M300: the lid that year we used to pursue

Now, the children ‘s childhood is smartphones, touch screens & quot; lighters & quot ;, & quot; ticks & quot ;. Nearly ten years ago, childhood was a & quot; perverted & quot; – close the lid or slide. The flip phones – that slide was the dream of many people. It is true that in the past, there was not even a single child to use, but only & quot; Follow my parents to beg & loan; let me borrow a little & quot ;. When I thought about it in my head, I tried to get up, I had to grow up, I had to work and have money to buy a phone. (Although it is big, then when I find myself stupid, wish to do something, besides the phone “genuine”, I have to face many scary things). Remembers how much memories are enough, in short, Tinhte has just caught up with the Samsung SGH-M300, so he took advantage of his photos to show you and give you guys who want 1 & quot; tickets to the past & quot ;, memories. It’s not worth much but the meaning. hehe.

How to join the game:
You just need to comment right below the most memorable phone in your memory to get us random numbers. The game will end on January 31. Happy brothers.

Launched in 2007, this flip phone is 12 years old. I remember it as a child, my mother used a pink one on her baby. My mother is super fastidious, begging to be lent for a bit. Sometimes, the mother does not lend it, then sneaks up & quot; stalking & quot; when the mother is charging and sitting up. There was a time when I tried to go in and install something strange and my mother opened it and found it was not normal, so it was a blow. Looking back at the smartphones now, the items I am using, unconsciously laugh at one. Star time is so fast, things change, develop rapidly.


The screen is very small, and it is pitted. Yet in the past, many people were tired.


There, there are 1.6 & quot; Only 65K colors. However, in the past, I stuck my nose in to play miscellaneous games.


After that, the time to press the message went up, clicked into the habit of not looking. But I don’t know who found this machine to spread 🙂 ) Or it was & quot; aesthetic & quot; again. But from time to time, the row of keys, the outer shell must definitely peel.


Save 500 phone numbers and 20 number call logs. Now it is different. Smartphone, want to save as many 🙂 ).

samsung-sgh-m300-15.jpgbr />
The battery is only 700mAh, but no one has criticized it. Even at that time, people didn’t care how much the battery was, except for the super buffalo bulls like rocks.


I forgot, there’s a full box, brother.


A headache because smartphones now leave the headphone jack? No problem, you’re lucky to marry me, continue to use the FM radio headset.


What is the need for a new old 10-screen smartphone using the main camera like selfie. He is old, but he only needs to use the main camera like a selfie camera with a secondary monitor


The Honor 10 Lite is priced at 5.3 million: beautiful screen, still using the microUSB port

The Honor 10 Lite has a beautiful screen and current trend design with a water drop screen with a Gradient style back. However, a mid-range machine is not perfect. The Honor 10 Lite still has minus points such as fake glass design and not real glass and still using microUSB charging port. In addition, the Kirin 710 chip of the Honor 10 Lite will also be what many people wonder if they care much about performance.


The machine possesses a sleek design with a gradient back. I do not like the radiance of gradients like many people but the gradient of the Honor 10 Lite is very pleasant, especially the ice and blue version that I have on hand. It is also a color change but it is light and not harsh, colorful.


Water drop screen is a reasonable choice for 1 unit in this price segment. It helps the device to be compact in size despite the screen size up to 6.21 & quot ;. In addition, the slightly curved back face makes the Honor 10 Lite feel comfortable and neat in hand. However, at the individual corner, I like a machine that feels even more hand-held. (Honor 10 lite feels a bit light, & quot; agility & quot;).


The minus point is that the back and glossy edges are not real glasses and real metal, it’s just fake plastic – alchemy plastic.


In addition, the Honor 10 Lite still uses the microUSB charging port. For some people, it doesn’t matter how the charging port is, there’s a charging port. However, with the many launches in this price range recently using USB-C ports, there must be a minus point minus.


The valuable plus on the Honor 10 Lite is the 6.21 & quot; FullHD +. This is a beautiful screen, high brightness. On the video recording day, it was sunny but still very clear. In addition, the display settings also have customized settings.


In terms of performance, the device is equipped with Kirin 710 chip – 4GB RAM – 64GB internal memory. This chip is used on many Honor and Huawei phones, so it is no stranger. Basically, Kirin 710 is not bad. However, at present, in this price range, we have Snapdragon 660 devices. And users still tend to prefer to use a Qualcomm chip than MediaTek or Kirin, especially when there is a need for those. High graphics game /application by Kirin’s GPU GPU is still inferior to Adreno GPU. If we are completely biased towards performance, we obviously have more reasonable choices.br />


The device will run Android 9 when sold and is, of course, a customized EMUI interface to bring many smart features, typically convenient navigation gestures by familiar swipe instead of & quot; half-season & quot; of Android 9.


The rear camera of the machine includes a 13MP main camera and a 2MP secondary camera. Take a few snapshots: fine details and colors compared to the price. The AI ​​mode works well, handles the darker areas better – brightens the image even more, not simply pushing the colors more vibrant than some other machines. The device only has a maximum video recording of FullHD and digital shake, no 4K recording and no OIS.


turn off and turn on AI


The portrait picture is still slurred.



Selfie cameras are what Honor says the most when it comes with a 24MP selfie camera and also has an AI like the rear camera but recognizes less context (8 – rear camera is 22). Selfie photos have accurate colors, fine details and it is important to beautify the current trend – more beautiful than reality but not in a virtual manner and pan like before.


# Tet19: Sa Dec flower village on Tet holiday

In recent years, the name “Sa Dec flower village” is no longer strange to you. I stopped here for the third time, still feeling like it. I like the part because of the freshness and the typical setting, the rest mainly comes from the people here. I feel familiar every time I come here.

I shared a few snapshots this morning. Where did you live in Tet atmosphere? Please comment on the picture below.


On the way down to Sa Dec.


I have not eaten any other restaurant but this restaurant is very delicious. Add a little pig to your pigtail only 50k. However, those who are not sweet and sweet may need a little wedge.


Does any brother know what this rose is like? It looks strange.


This is the flower house I like the most in the flower village. Pretty small houses, trees and decorations are equally beautiful. Unfortunately, the door locker does not sell.

F4A0CA5C-E31C-43C9-8805-49585EA858D2.jpegbr />
I intend to buy these small trees as gifts but I have to make an appointment.


Tractors everywhere.

 Everyone turned on the trees to deliver to them.


In addition to carrying flowers, you can also pick up your children home from school. Not safe but for me it’s childhood.


Thanks to eSIM, we can store more than 3 SIMs on an iPhone

So you see the test of eSIM on the network in Vietnam. During the past experience, I found that iPhone XS Max /XS /Xr can store more than 3 SIMs. For those of you who use multiple SIMs for different purposes, storing multiple eSIMs on your phone will bring a very noticeable convenience.


Here I tested add 2 eSIM to the international iPhone XS Max next to a physical SIM. When using, you will select one of the eSIMs that have been added to the device to be used in parallel with the physical SIM. It is also easy to add eSIM and turn it off with fast response time. However, you cannot use 2 eSIM at the same time because eSIM can only receive 1 serial number (like a physical SIM) to connect to a telecommunications network provider. Apple said the release of iPhone 2 SIM is for users to be more convenient when traveling by eSIM with the phone number that most users use.


Summary of eSIM feature on iPhone:

  • If you only use 1 eSIM, you don’t need a physical SIM.
  • Add more than 1 eSIM on the device, it is unclear how much eSIM can be stored.
  • Only 2 network waves (physical SIM + eSIM) can be used even if the device is holding more than 2 eSIM. Cannot use 2 eSIM at the same time.
  • Features using 2 SIM similar as ZA /A version (Hong Kong market).
  • iMessage is only enabled on 1 SIM, any SIM status is enabled on the device.

Clearly with eSIM, we can store more than 3 SIMs on a phone. I am not sure that iOS allows to add as many as possible eSIM and Android devices later have similar features? It is expected that three major Vietnamese carriers Mobifone, Vinaphone and Viettel will officially deploy eSIM in 2019, in the immediate future will be iPhone XS Max /XS and Xr.

[Clip] Experience Tesla Model 3 – Good driving experience, but lifeless

The Tesla Model 3 is the second car in life (after the Ferrari 488 GTB), which made me startled when I was new. The reason is because its experiences are almost completely different from the cars currently on the market. From inserting the card (card) to fixing the device, opening the trunk through the touch screen, and even it doesn’t have a handbrake. However, what you most probably care about is how a fully electric vehicle (EV) will feel like driving? How much emotion can it hold behind the steering wheel compared to a traditional car? And Tesla’s autopilot self-propelled feature now & quot; Divine & quot; To where? Please find out in the clip below.


The reason I just made a clip without writing about Model 3 is because I think the experience of the article is still not lively and intuitive enough to help you understand the new things on this very different car. Only watching clips will you understand how the most modern features or technologies on the Tesla Model 3 work.

Detailed picture Tesla Model 3 Long Range version

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2619.jpg
Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2641.jpg
Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2642.jpg
Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2644.jpg
Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2648.jpg
Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2655.jpg
Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2657.jpg
Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2698.jpg
Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2697.jpgimg src=”https://tinhte.vn/appforo/index.php?attachments/4084788/data&oauth_token=0%2C1548483436%2C4b7eb47363f988779a6333c56fc6ff9b%2Clxi7g2zolu”
alt=”Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2715.jpg”
data-width=”2048″ />

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2712.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2667.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2666.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2659.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9280.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9286.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9306.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9307.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9298.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9296.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9287.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9250.jpgimg src=”https://tinhte.vn/appforo/index.php?attachments/4084796/data&oauth_token=0%2C1548483436%2C4b7eb47363f988779a6333c56fc6ff9b%2Clxi7g2zolu”
alt=”Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9228.jpg”
data-width=”2048″ />

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9214.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2668.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2706.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2707.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9263.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9259.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9258.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9257.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-2582.jpg

src=”https://imgproxy3.cdnforo.com/STHCYTL6BMO8lJl-L_neOXWTbsV3ny-Oyc8egTiHifg/w:256/plain/http://data.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2019/01/4554755_Tesla_Model_3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9232.jpg” alt=”Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9232.jpg”
class=”bbCodeImage LbImage” />

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9270.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9271.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9290.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9297.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9301.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9275.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9273.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9272.jpg

Tesla_Model 3_Xe.tinhte.vn-9243.jpg

Video, slide and offline session photos about Getting Started with AI, Machine Learning

Thank you for coming, very crowded and happy, sincerely apologize to you guys who have to come back later because the space is limited. Thinking about the next time to work somewhere bigger. Hope you have gathered a lot of useful information after the workshop, and you are interested in data, start learning and learning right away whether you are working in the field of technology or marketing, sales, finances .. Thank you from Cinnamon AI for sharing our valuable experiences. I wish you happy holidays.

Slide here: https://docs.google. com /presentation /d /1ZMHcbA4wauYEr3FGc4dF5fciPsBW5D_prin5f0uxg1E /edit? usp = sharing

AI Basic Workshop Tinhte 1/2019




Office 365 has gone to the Mac App Store, now you’ll download Office faster and easier

Microsoft has just put its Office 365 application suite on the Mac App Store, which means that every time you need to download or update this app, you just need to go to Store to see it, no need to rummage around. Google or the Microsoft website to find the installer. Of course, after downloading the app, you still have to log in to Office 365 to use all their features, Mac App Store is only a means to get the app to you faster. Last June, Apple said that Microsoft, Adobe, Panic and many other companies would bring their software to the store, now Microsoft has done it, adding the remaining names.

You can download Office 365 with all apps at the same time, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, or download each app individually. Link here .

[QC] Shocking Deal on Tiki for the US Headset brand – Only from 159k

If you are a fan of music, always need inspiration wherever you are, you should definitely not ignore this brand of headphones. It is Soul Electronics – the famous brand that comes from the country of flower flags.

With a distinctive, strong, powerful sound and a modern design for an active life, Soul Electronics is always a top choice for young Americans. This offer of Soul on Tiki is an opportunity for you to experience quality headphones with “smooth” price. Let’s take a look at our outstanding headphones:

Soul Run Free Pro HD IPX4 Bluetooth Headset


Consult immediately here

The headset has a light and light design but it is also very sturdy, convenient to put into pants or backpack, suitcase when moving. Li-ion Polymer battery headphones can play music or talk for 12 hours

In addition, the Headset is equipped with BALANCED ARMATURE driver for the bass sound, bass ranges and vibrant rhythms to help users enjoy the lively music space.

High-end Wireless Headset SOUL X-SHOCK SX15 True Wireless Waterproof IPX5 – Bluetooth Integrated 5.0

2. Run Free Pro HD.jpg

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X-Shock is a high-end wireless headset that is sporty, designed specifically for those who are constantly active but still want to experience music all day. Soul’s best technologies are all integrated into this headset. X-Shock’s passive sound and noise capabilities will respond even to the most fastidious believers.

Sport Bluetooth Headset Soul ST-XS IPX4 – Bluetooth 5.0

4. ST-XS.jpg

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True Wireless SOUL ST-XS Headset owns a simple, sophisticated design, aimed at users who want to own a convenient wireless connection but still bring the best sound experience. In particular, headphones with volume of only 4g you can carry this headset anywhere without causing discomfort to the user. The compact size in the ear ring is suitable for every journey as well as exercise and movement.

Sport Bluetooth Headset Soul Prime Wireless

5. Prime Wireless.jpg

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Besides fashion design with personality color, Prime Wireless still ensures a sound quality, giving users a vivid and honest sound experience. With Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Connection Technology, the 9.2mm high-end speaker diaphragm, the headset can accurately reproduce powerful, powerful bass and detailed high notes, giving users a smooth experience. Quality audio experience and honesty in many different genres.

SOUL EMOTION (Black) True Wireless Headset

6. Emotion.jpg

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The trendy headset incorporates this year’s latest wireless technology, Soul Electronics shows itself to be at the top of the market trend. EMOTION brings you convenience, and attractive style than ever.

The sound quality is balanced between deep bass but still clear in the middle and high range. Battery life allows up to 6 hours of music playback, up to 40 hours standby time. Emotion is capable of challenging all opponents.

SOUL SS19 Integrated Bluetooth Headset Mic & amp; IPX3 Waterproof

7. SS19.jpg

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Powerful sound quality inside a compact, stylish design, IPX3 waterproof technology that meets your needs, even when used for gym, jogging or work.

Ear Soul Prime Headphone Headset 2

8. Prime 2.jpg

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The Ear Soul Prime 2 Ear Plugs have a modern and compact design with a 1.2m cable length that is easy to carry and store. The rim of the headset is equipped with a shiny metal rim, and the device runs around the headset to create a luxurious look for the product.

The headset possesses realistic, detailed, high definition sound. The advantage of Soul Prime 2 Headset is not only about Hip Hop music but also Dance music and other music.

Bluetooth Headset Ear Soul Transform Wireless

9_ Transform Wireless9_ Transform Wireless.jpg

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The Soul Transform Wireless headset is equipped with Dynamic 40mm diameter combined with state-of-the-art audio technology to provide deep, clear and vivid sound quality with a frequency range of 20 – 20000Hz. Headphones help you enjoy the most favorite tunes at the same time create strong force for the process of movement and practice.

Soul Electronics’ Hot Sale program on Tiki only took place from now until January 23, 2019 – January 30, 2019, you can quickly take advantage of it.