AI playing StarCraft II AlphaStar has won a professional gamer

After AlphaGo, the artificial intelligence played the turn to defeat world champions Fan Hui, Lee Sedol and most recently Ke Jie, another artificial intelligence developed by Google DeepMind recently. 2 professional gamers Dario “TLO” Wünsch and Grzegorz “MaNa” Komincz in the game StarCraft II. It is worth mentioning that, in 11 matches that are streamed directly on YouTube (you can review it here), the AI ​​wins in 10 consecutive matches, and the last match is the only one to win first. artificial intelligence.


To be fair, AI has more practical applications in life, science and research than playing games against people. But it is not easy to create an AI to win a human game. Unlike Go, StarCraft II is a strategy game with a different depth in gameplay. Just because AI can’t have a lot of time analyzing moves like playing chess, having to reflect and make real-time strategy choices makes it more difficult to create a AI for StarCraft II than for Go. . Along with that, instead of calculating a single move, StarCraft AI must pay attention to many other aspects, from resources, how to develop troops, and even macro units in battle.


In December, matches between AI named AlphaStar and Dario “TLO” Wünsch were held at DeepMind’s office in London, and he proved that AI can play games against people. The professional StarCraft commentators after watching the replay of the match said that AlphaStar has the ability to “superman”, and has amazingly precise macro skills for each unit.

Even when human opponents have more powerful units, DeepMind’s AI still knows how to take down those units. For example, in a match, AlphaStar attacked Maa’s main house with the Stalker of the Protoss, and the commentators said that if humans were to control these units, it would not be as smooth as AI. DeepMind’s development.


Previously, OpenAI of Elon Musk had DOTA 2 matches with 5 professional gamers. Although the victory of this game is for humans, AI knows how to learn and reflex very quickly and accurately in subsequent matches, something that people cannot do because of psychological causes. In other words, it is the “coldness” of AI that makes it extremely effective, and also what makes people who create deep learning systems feel anxious.


AI handling is too accurate and voyeuristic, so you may suspect that the player likes to click how many times once, while the limited power, APM (action per minute) depends on the muscle. can’t press the keyboard and click the mouse as fast as a robot. However, this capability is eliminated because AI developers in DeepMind do not allow AI to be faster than humans, meaning that APM is limited to a specific number. But not because of that, AI has an unfair advantage for professional gamers.​

Top US universities simultaneously removed Huawei telecom equipment

Top US universities are simultaneously eliminating telecommunications equipment from Huawei and other Chinese companies. This is a consequence of NDAA national security law, cutting government funding for organizations using Chinese telecommunications equipment.

The US government believes that telecommunications devices from Huawei and Chinese companies are a threat to security, allowing the Chinese government to track users and especially steal its advanced technologies. West. However, the Chinese government and its companies have repeatedly denied US charges.

The University of California has removed the video conference system and is in the process of replacing 5 video devices – other videos from China. Some other schools, typically the University of Wisconsin, are also in the process of re-inventorying the device.

The University of San Diego is the school that offers the most drastic action. Last August, the school issued an internal announcement that would not receive any funding or agreements with Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese companies. At least until February 12, the school’s leadership will review this decision.

These moves show that top US universities are isolated from Chinese companies, which have provided equipment and funded research projects for them for many years. But in the context of the US government facing China, this cooperation is about to end.

Last August, President Donald Trump signed NDAA law, thereby cutting government funding for Chinese telecommunications equipment organizations. The US government is concerned that these devices will be back doors for the military and the Chinese government to follow the studies of universities. American universities that do not meet the requirements in August 2020 will face the prospect of losing government benefits and funding.

For public universities, government funding plays a very important role. Typically, universities in California in the 2016-2017 school year received up to $ 9.8 billion from the government. Of that $ 3 billion is for research, accounting for half of that year’s research budget.

The NDAA law is also only part of the trade war that has yet to show signs of cooling between the US and China. Earlier, the US also imposed heavy taxes on imports from China, making it difficult for Chinese companies to invest in US technology firms. Last year President Trump also passed a ban on government organizations buying equipment from Huawei and ZTE. Currently, he is also considering expanding the ban on buying Chinese equipment to US companies.

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Sales of Nintendo Switch gaming consoles are expected to plummet in 2019

After the first two successful years, sales of Nintendo Switch are expected to decrease by 25-35% in 2019. This marked the saturation of the market and prompted Nintendo to make changes to improve future sales.

Previously, Nintendo ordered about 24 million Switches in 2018 with component suppliers, but sold less than 20 million units. Overall, the fiscal year of Nintendo lasted until the end of March 31, 2019, so the original goal was basically achievable. So far, Switch’s worldwide sales have been around 40 million.

Nintendo Switch sales in 2019 are expected to be around 14-15 million. However, this decline does not make game companies from Japan too concerned, because they are expected to focus on software development. This is also the strategy that Sony, another console maker, is also working on for PS4.

Nintendo is also expected to release a soft version of Switch in 2019.

According to DigiTimes

DTS: X high quality audio technology will be available on TV streams 2020

DTS and Mediatek have just announced the DTS: X audio processor chip solution for TV, and promises to be an indispensable part of high-end TVs in 2020. DTS: X helps users experience sound High quality through online services, and optimized for standard 4K IMAX Enchanced movies.

DTS: X is part of the Enhanced IMAX standard developed by DTS and IMAX. However, when the first TV models using this standard were introduced at CES 2019 as Sony Master Series A9G, the audio part of DTS: X was absent. The reason is that DTS has not completed the process of developing the processor chip, and it recently confirmed that we have to wait until the second half of 2019. So DTS: X promises to appear on a few TV sets eyes at the end of 2019, but it will have to be early next year before we see it starting to be popular on high-end TVs.

Similar to Dolby Atmos, DTS: X is also capable of simulating the position of sound emitted in space to provide a more authentic experience when viewed. This promises to bring a better experience when viewers enjoy movies through online services, the trend is increasingly popular today with the rise of big guys like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, … Previously, DTS: X was integrated into the uncompressed DTS-HD MA audio format, but easily included in Blu-ray discs but not feasible for online services due to tape limitations. information. Therefore, DTS aims to develop the DTS: X standard with the optimum audio compression format for TV.

The DTS: X audio processing chip solution will also be backward compatible with other DTS formats and support passthough via the TV’s eARC HDMI port.

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On the 3/4 helmet 2 glasses AGV Orbyt Dreamtime – the closeness of the fullface, is 4.8 million

Today I will hand the AGV 3/4 2-glass hat called Orbyt in my hand. This is a new model of AGV in 2018 replacing the previous Fluid model. The hat I use on my hand is called Orbyt Dreamtime, this is one of the special colored versions of the Orbyt line so don’t ask why it has a price of up to 4.8 million. So in addition to the special color, this newest 3/4 helmet of AGV has something interesting, invite you to find out in the following video:


The starting price of Orbyt hats is VND 3.39 million for monochrome colors. The Dreamtime version I have on hand in this video is a special version so its price is also the highest. With a weight of about 1.4 kg for size M, this 3/4 helmet you can team when riding in the city or going to work every day is ok. Or you can buy it for your girlfriend or wife in case you don’t like the bigger and inconvenient fullface hats.


In terms of design, the conical outer shell is made of Thermoplastic plastic with high heat resistance and it has 2 shell sizes depending on the size of the hat you choose. And the inner foam layer has good impulse absorption and also has 2 sizes respectively. One point I find very interesting in Orbyt is that the back of the cone still has a small wind tail like AGV’s fullface hats.


At the top of the cone is the vent hole, which has a adjustable lever for the air to enter the cone. Another thing is that the location of the ventilation slot here will help the wind in the most way and it will not affect the inner sunglasses.


The lining is made of fabric, when I put it in, it felt quite smooth. You can remove this sponge to clean when going for a long time. What I personally like about this Orbyt hat is the design that allows the team to use glasses close up. Probably the close brothers like me will love this point.


The windscreen part of my hat is quite long, when pulled down, it completely covers my face and extends beyond my chin. The tightness is no less than a fullface. This windshield is scratch resistant, has 2 sizes corresponding to 2 shell sizes. It ensures wind protection and minimizes unnecessary noise from outside the environment.

Xe_Tinhte_AGV_Orbyt_Dreamtime_11.jpgbr />

The sunglasses on the inside are also scratch-resistant and you can easily remove them by hand. Just like the outside windshield, it also has 2 sizes respectively. The opening and closing of the sunglasses is also very fast and convenient, you just need to rotate the piece on the outside of the cone on the left ear. Even when wearing gloves you can do this easily.


The lock is a type of lock instead of a Double Ring, which allows you to quickly bring in and remove it. Thanks to the design of easy-to-remove foam pad components, you can easily integrate bluetooth headset devices.


Feeling like I was very quiet, when walking outside, it really stood out because of the bright colors of the hat. Thanks to the windshield, many times I run fast, the wind is blocked and the noise of the wind and the sound of other cars are greatly reduced. And going in the middle of the sun, I don’t need to put my hands to cover my eyes anymore, pull down the sunscreen and finish. Personally, this AGV Orbyt hat doesn’t lose to a fullface, you can go away, not just run in the city.


You can look at AGV Orbyt’s price, you will think this is a very high and unreasonable price for a 3/4 hat. However, if you are looking for a 3/4 helmet that does not line up to lighten the street, then AGV Orbyt is the choice for you. If you are an AGV fan, then you can’t ignore it because look at the graphics on the hat, and then the rear wind tail is extremely charming.


China admits it still does not know how to use new generation weapons developed by itself

Although it claims to have developed a lot of high-tech military hardware, including new generation fighters, electromagnetic guns, … but it turns out that the Chinese military, including their military doctrine, has not yet able to use these weapons. Even an elite brigade with the latest advanced weapons but still lost in a battle exercise, as a testament to the current situation.

According to a report recently published in Chinese media, the military admits that it does not know what to do with the new combat systems. In a rehearsal last year, an elite brigade of the 81st Army was defeated despite using extremely advanced weapons. Most especially, at that time, this brigade used a completely new mainstream tank, Type 099A.

There is an opinion that the reason is that they do not know how to deploy a new generation of tanks in their use, combat cooperation and even in the military doctrine, there is no preparation for it. And the situation of this tank is also a good example of the macro situation faced by the military.

The US Defense Intelligence Agency said that “maybe China is about to have advanced weapons of the world in many areas, such as satellite resistance, precision attack tools or weapons.” supersonic. They are especially proud of the achievements such as Type 099A battle tanks, J20 stealth fighters and Type 055 guided missiles … However, the military is still trying to understand the meaning of these advances. for modern battlefields. ”

The Chinese military generals explain why even though the brigade had a new generation tank, it was still defeated: “We were in a hurry to put the Type 099A near the route, while it was not dark. pros to fight there. We have only studied the capabilities of old tanks, but not fully understood the new ones. ”

The idea is that weapons are not the only factor that decides to win or lose on the battlefield. On the other hand, the Chinese military did not have much combat experience because they had not fought for a long time. On the other hand, China currently focuses on navy, air force, missile power and support for combat rather than military. On the other hand, they have not yet updated their military doctrine to make the most of the capabilities of advanced technologies that have been developed in recent years, of course, this is not a one-time thing to be achieved.

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Chrome updates API, extension blocking ads and security runs out of land

Google is about to update a series of API functions for extensions in Chrome browser and this change will affect not only ad blocking extensions (Adblock) but also many extensions of security and anti-virus software, management for parents as well as other information security enhancement services.

 Raymond Hill – the author of the top ad blocker on Chrome Web Store is Origin and uMatrix is ​​the first to complain about changing APIs on Chrome. He thinks that Google’s restriction on interfering with Chrome’s script blocking features in the new DeclarativeNetRequest API (previously webRequest API) has affected the blocking performance of uBlock Origin as well as uMatrix, both. cannot block certain types of scripts, especially scripts used by advertising agencies.

 This is even more obvious when not only Raymond Hill with Origin, Andrey Meshkov – co-founder of AdGuard – an equally popular extension of ad blocking on Chrome Web Store also confirms this and thinks that changes to The API function on Chrome will affect all other ad blocking extensions.

The wave of protests continued to increase as many other security companies simultaneously voiced in public announcements such as F-Secure, NoScript, Ermes Cyber ​​Security and even Amnesty International Amnesty International. Not only does it affect ad blocking extensions but security extensions also share the same fate with the new API.

Many security companies often release extensions that support security software to provide users with maximum protection when surfing the web. Extensions often filter websites and prevent users from accessing sites with malicious code and blocking downloading of malware files. Jouni Korte, a software engineer at F-Secure, a Finnish security firm, said: “Besides ad blocking, this change also seems to affect security software based on features. block traffic through https protocol of the extension – a feature that helps the security software evaluate malicious links to malicious users. … in addition, the extesion has the function of helping parents to manage children using the Internet such as blocking access to pages with inappropriate content also affected. & Quot;

Claudio Guarnieri, a security researcher at Amnesty International’s technology and human rights division, also expressed his agreement with Jouni Korte. Besides, Brandon Dixon – the author of extension proved pessimistic when saying: “If these changes are announced, my extension will not work anymore.” is an extension dedicated to preventing drive-by attacks and preventing users from accessing phishing sites. The same opinion was shared by Kristof Kovacs – one of the developers of Privowny extension of Ermes Cyber ​​Security. Privowny is an extension to help parents manage children when using the Internet with many features.

 NoScript – a popular add-on for blocking JavaScript /Flash code in Firefox will likely have no version for Chrome with this API change. Giorgio Maone, the author of this add-on, says he spent the past year developing a version for Chrome and now the ability is not released on the Chrome Web Store due to feature limitations. NoScript is highly rated by security circles and the Chrome version has been requested for a long time. It can block JavaScript code very effectively and is one of the extensions integrated by default in the Tor Browser.
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Learn the “fake death” phenomenon in the animal world

The phenomenon of death and death is quite common in the animal world. You can see typical of the Oposum weasel, when attacked by a brutal predator and no way to escape, they will roll themselves unmoving, stick their tongue, drool and deflect the extremely rotten solution from anal.

giphy (4) .gif

These disgusting things make the attacker loosen his grip and lose interest because no one wants to eat an unhealthy meal. 10 minutes later, the Oposum weasel returned to his old and happy state as if nothing had happened.

giphy (3) .gif

From lemurs, geckos, ants to amphibians, chickens, even sharks, … hundreds of animals use a way to fake death to escape. This fake death phenomenon is known by scientists as a hard death phenomenon – Tonic Immobility (TI). TI has a lot of variations depending on each animal and different situations. But creating unpleasant odors and oddities is the most commonly used method.

giphy (5) .gif

Many biological mechanisms hide under these performances. Derived from the parasympathetic nervous system that controls the resting and digestive cycle. In the Oposum weasel, the sympathetic nervous system causes their heart rate to drop to nearly half, breathing rate to one third and body temperature to drop by more than half a degree C for an hour.

giphy (7) .gif

But want to control that phenomenon is not simple. These “actors” must always be vigilant around when it is safe to wake up. For example, chickens can sense the presence of nearby enemies, scientists have experimented with using stuffed hawks and noticed, the chickens in the experiment woke up faster when the kite swept over. elsewhere.

giphy (8) .gif

In addition to body protection, some species apply TI for other purposes. When the fish Ali was hungry, they lay on the bottom of the lake, spots on their bodies that made them look like dead fish, if a certain voracious fish approached, the scammer would rise and catch them.

giphy (10) .gif

People can also go through TI when they are in a frightening situation, which explains why some victims do not run away or fight but only stiffen themselves against dangers. Studying TI not only helps us understand more about natural defense mechanisms but also helps to better understand ourselves.

Source: TED-Ed

Boeing’s self-propelled taxi has just completed its first test flight

Boeing airline said the prototype of the self-propelled drone taxi they developed has just completed the first test flight, a new step to help the competition to revolutionize the vehicle. The move for urban areas is becoming increasingly fierce.

In this race, Boeing’s direct competitor included Airbus and Textron based in the US. In addition, the famous helicopter maker Bell Helicopter is also a unit investing in flying taxis. Not only at aircraft manufacturing companies, technology giants such as Intel or Uber are also pushing for “pouring money” into various projects to realize the idea of ​​delivering traffic. urban air.


Although currently, there is still no certainty that “flying cars” will be a viable solution, but instead of being skeptical about it, companies decided to embark on making products to test their performance. it follows. If everything is as expected, these flying vehicles will surely have to undergo many tests of safety, noise, … for both passengers and people traveling below.

It will take many years for us to establish a dedicated taxi system, and provide certain standards for this completely new form of travel.


Basically, it is possible to imagine flying taxis as self-propelled vehicles (or manned) with the ability to take off and land vertically, some types can run on the road when necessary, helping to take you from point to point in the fastest way possible. Boeing said its prototype of a flying taxi with a length of more than 9 meters, about 8.5 meters wide, could fly within 80 km.

The company’s representative revealed the vehicle had flown for no more than 1 minute on the last test trip. In the next tests, Boeing will include it in other more complex situations, such as switching between vertical and forward flight modes.


So far, self-propelled technology is still a controversial issue, and some people have even died because of unmanned vehicles on the road. However, industry leaders still argue that flying cars and self-propelled taxis will play a key role in solving the problem of urban transport, and things will arrive earlier than what they do. I can imagine.

At the recent CES 2019 consumer electronics show, Bell Helicopter brought the Bell Nexus – a giant flying taxi with the capacity to carry 5 people and fly 241 km after each refueling. Reportedly, Bell is one of the first aircraft companies to cooperate with Uber in 2017 to jointly implement the plan to develop taxi fleets. Scott Drennan, Bell’s creative director, said the company aims to be in the middle of 2020, when they will start releasing Nexus to the market.

Source: Boeing

# Tet19: Something about Sony OLED TVs – more and more accessible and image-optimized trends

Although not attracting as much attention as Z9G, recently at CES 2019 Sony has also launched two new OLED TV series: Bravia A8G and Master Series A9G. If 8K is representative of the future trend, the duo shows that 4K OLED TVs are increasingly accessible as well as optimizing image quality by service that promises to bring a better experience to users. .

Sony is an interesting TV company. Because this Japanese brand often offers a lot of new ideas but is very lax in bringing it to end users. I feel like Sony does not like to turn users into white mice, the products must reach a certain level of perfection to officially sell. That’s why Sony didn’t follow the curving screen or quantum dots, which is why it took 10 years since the introduction of the first XED-1 OLED TV until the mass sold OLED TV. A1E. It is important that once you pursue the trend, they never give up, A9G and A8G have proved it.

[& # x200B; IMG]
Sony A1E’s first mass-selling OLED TV series is an interesting product, you can refer to the Sony Bravia OLED TV Hand Manual A1: Distinctive design, impressive image, high price but still reasonable . It reminds us that the background only determines 50% of the TV image quality, the rest is in the processing algorithm. Therefore, the combination of OLED panels and X1 Extreme processors still helps Sony to differentiate itself from the rest of the OLED TV market. I don’t even think it was a coincidence, but only a year later Sony’s competitors began to focus on developing processor chips. Besides Acoustic Surface technology, turning all screens into speakers and Android TV operating system is also a plus. Basically, Sony Bravia A1E is a very successful TV series, but it merely hits the high-end segment like every other high-end OLED TV series.

A8G and its predecessor A8F version are truly a product of Sony’s strategy, when it comes to image quality equivalent to A1E at a much more comfortable price. This once again confirms the increasingly more accessible trend of OLED TVs for consumers, even gradually replacing LCD TVs in the high-end segment. Of course, names like Z9F (2018) and X9500G (2019) still show that when combined with a reasonable price, large LCD TV is still an attractive option in the high-end segment. But in terms of overall image quality, OLED TVs are no longer just for the big money. Saying that, so that OLED TV becomes popular, we will have a long road ahead.