Pega has officially introduced a brand new electric scooter named NewTech with a youthful style and personality. Not only that, the car also possesses many features that are rare on electric cars and motorcycles of the same price range. In addition, NewTech is capable of operating according to the manufacturer’s announcement quite impressively: maximum speed of 60 km /h and moving 90 km for a full charge. Pega NewTech currently has only one lead-based battery version at a price of 25 million VND (including VAT).

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It can be seen that Pega wants to target young customers like students and students, so NewTech has a very eye-catching design. Pega has a good mix of the look of a maxi-scooter and the powerful, sporty lines on NewTech. Despite being an electric car, NewTech weighs similar to many scooter models with a weight of up to 123 kg.

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The most striking detail in NewTech’s appearance is the front and rear lights with LED technology. In addition, although NewTech is only a streetcar to go to the street, it is also equipped with Passing button and priority light button like motorbike. Besides, Pega NewTech’s overall size Long x Width x Height is 1,878 x 770 x 1,130 mm while the wheelbase is 1,335 mm.

Pega_NewTech_Xe_Tinhte (1) .jpg

Pega NewTech’s lights are LED

Pega_NewTech_Xe_Tinhte (2) .jpg
Beautiful LED taillights

Pega_NewTech_Xe_Tinhte (11) .jpg

Front Passing button at left-east
The saddle is 770 mm tall and divided into two separate floors, but perhaps the area for the rear seat is slightly modest. I am 1m70 tall and have a NewTech test, which is quite fit, feet can be easily prevented.

Pega_NewTech_Xe_Tinhte (23) .jpg

Although there is a design like a maxi-scooter miniaturized but the record of NewTech is quite high. Along with that is a lot of buttons on each side of the steering wheel and a pretty monochrome digital speedometer. The finish of plastic buttons follow me at a good level, not really />

Pega_NewTech_Xe_Tinhte (9) .jpg

It also has a start button and smart key. There will be 2 ways to activate the electric motor, or press unlock on the key and then use the start button, or press twice for the machine button on the key.

Pega_NewTech_Xe_Tinhte (16) .jpg

NewTech’s smart key has built-in car detection and anti-theft function

Pega_NewTech_Xe_Tinhte (36) .jpg

Vehicle power and engine start button
The most notable comfort in Pega is the two speakers & quot; open-cast & quot; used to listen to music via Bluetooth connection with the phone or listen to the radio. The button switch buttons, volume up and down are located right at the car cover, so it is quite convenient to manipulate. The car also has 2 USB-A charging ports, one in the pocket for the front and one inside the trunk.

Pega_NewTech_Xe_Tinhte (14) .jpg

Pega NewTech entertainment control buttons

Pega_NewTech_Xe_Tinhte (20) .jpg
The trunk has a moderate capacity, can fit 1 1/2 helmet and some other items.

Pega_NewTech_Xe_Tinhte (7) .jpg

NewTech’s configuration is quite good, both front and rear wheels are equipped with disc brakes
Pega said that NewTech’s fully charged lead-acid battery pack takes 8 to 10 hours. In addition, when conducting the test, each full charge can move a maximum distance of 90 km. Pega arranges the charging port on the left side of the body, near the driver’s footrest. The charging port cover is quite sturdy so you can be assured of going raining or washing the car.

Pega_NewTech_Xe_Tinhte (5) .jpgbr />
Rear-wheel drive motor

Pega_NewTech_Xe_Tinhte (19) .jpg

External layout charger, convenient for use
Bosch electric motors are located in NewTech’s rear wheels with a standard working capacity of 1.5 kW, ie about 2 hp. Pega says that when traveling and needs to overtake another vehicle, the driver can use the Race button to activate the engine to operate at a maximum capacity of 2.25 kW, equivalent to 3 horsepower. At this time, instead of running only 60 km /h as the limit, NewTech can accelerate up to 70 km /h in a short period of time.

Pega_NewTech_Xe_Tinhte (13) .jpg
Pega_NewTech_Xe_Tinhte (22) .jpg

Just press the Race button and pull the terminal, NewTech can reach a maximum speed of 70 km /h
Besides 3 running modes corresponding to 3 different scooter sensitivity, NewTech also has a backward assist mode. You just need to press the Rev pen and turn on the scooter, the wheel will turn backwards to make it easier to get the car in and out. Details of Pega NewTech’s ability to make appointments for you in subsequent articles when the Delicate Car has a vehicle for a real experience.

Pega_NewTech_Xe_Tinhte (39) .jpg

Rev button used to support backing up
Pega NewTech details and specifications

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