On December 29, 2018, those who want to buy paper newspapers in the US such as the LA Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal or many other newspapers are unable to achieve their goals. The reason is that a type of malware called Ryuk attacked the system of Tribune Publishing, the agency that hosts many major newspapers in the US West Coast. It is estimated that 85 to 90% of newspapers printed on Saturday did not reach readers.


Recently, researchers at CrowdStrike and FireEye estimated hackers using ransomware “Ryuk” have pocketed $ 3.7 million in the form of Bitcoin since August 2018 thanks to extorting 52 indiscriminate victims. Carefully protect the server as well as their data. Looking at the amount of money and the number of victims, you can see that those who use this malicious code are very patient and wait for fat prey to act carelessly.

The attack of those who use Ryuk is also not new. Spam emails are sent to business accounts or organized through TrickBot malware. Just accidentally click on the mail, accidentally click on the attachment created very carefully, such as counterfeiting invoices or important files, hackers can take full control system.

The fox is older, they spend the whole year choosing their prey, eliminating those not big enough to extort money. This makes it difficult for those units that are caught in sight to be cautious despite being hacked by & quot; lay & quot; all year long.


That’s why only 52 units were blackmailed but the amount of Bitcoin hackers took was so big.

Many cyber security experts do not read Death Note (the origin of the name Ryuk) mistaking this for the attack of hackers from North Korea based on the name of the ransomware. However, CrowdStrike predicts that Russian hackers are the ones behind these reckless attacks, based on IP ranges and the language found in the code lines.

Refer to Engadget

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