There is no need to capture in dangerous places, taking a photo of famous people or pretty girls, but just a simple egg can get nearly 26 million likes on Instagram and become the most liked photo. on this social network as of now.

Previously, the most liked image position on Instagram belonged to Kylie Jenner account with 18 million likes. However, not long ago, an Instagram account named world_record_egg posted a simple egg with a description line saying, “Let’s put this photo on the top of Instagram. Beat the world record held by Kylie Jenner. “

And everything went right, this egg has gained 25.819 million likes, far exceeding the previous record. It is currently unknown who is behind the egg account. In another shift, the account Kylie Jenner soon posted a clip of an eggshell pouring down on a cement floor in the sun to reflect. There have been a lot of other Instagram account downloads also changed to name world_record_egg, including the image that is said to be the mother-born chicken, at the same time fake account and also record cabbage, record potato cake, …

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