The air filter (airfilter) is responsible for protecting you from dust, dirt, microorganisms, allergens … This filter will block things on its surface, so when it has If you use it for a long time or stick to dust, the air passing through it will be more difficult, reducing the efficiency of the air conditioner in the car as well as its brother protection duty will not do much better.

It is recommended to replace the filter in the car every 2 years or after 30 thousand km. My car got 32 thousand km for more than 2 years and I changed it. The fact that dirt is blocked from everything from small leaves, small dust particles to tiny pet dog hairs, pollen … the color of the old filters shows that it has turned to dirty color. clear.


Changing filters is very simple so you can buy filters and replace them yourself. If you replace yourself, you will better understand the status of your car and will help you better be aware of yourself through the car. You can google your airfilter and car model to know the filter position on the car as well as where to buy it, how it costs …


On the left is the new wind filter, on the right is the wind filter after having gone 32k km. You can see the color has changed completely, dirt is the cause. The more dirty it is, the more you don’t have to inhale those things.

Thoroughly digging inside will see other dirt components blocked. The air after passing through this filter will enter your car through the air vents of the air conditioner. Should the air conditioner not be cold or the air is not clean because the filter has not changed for a long time.


Dog and cat fur, small pathogenic components are also blocked in this filter.



My car has two different filters.

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