[Review] Travel to Koh Phi Phi island – Thailand, paradise paradise!
by Military Tree Da – December 27, 2016

* All clips and real photos! *

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When speaking Thailand, many people often go to Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Krabi, .. and the name Koh Phi Phi seems to be quite strange to tourists. I have read through some reviews about this small island on Phượt expressions and decided to choose it as the first destination for the honeymoon of 2 vc (3 days of island play and 3 days in Bangkok). >
This article I just reviewed the price details and the entertainment services in Koh Phi Phi so that you can go there to not be surprised! As for Bangkok, many people will go through 🙂 .
Practical trip clip:


+ Aircraft: to go to Koh Phi Phi, you must fly 2 flights from HCM /HN – & gt; Bangkok, then add a domestic trip from Bangkok – & gt; Krabi /Phuket, these 2 provinces are 1 of 2 places for you to catch a train to Koh Phi Phi island. You can hunt for cheap airline tickets from: NokAir, AirAsia, Vietjet to Thailand, and domestic flights can give priority to NokAir to get the cheapest price!
I heard some people say NokAir goes or delay, but I’m going to be okay this time (if there is a delay of only 20 minutes), there are cakes and drinks on the plane too 🙂 . If you hunt for cheap, the total cost for 4 flights for 2 people (HCM-Bangkok, Bangkok-Phuket /Krabi) only costs 6tr5, calculated that each person only costs 800k /trip, and because of this round flying ThaiSmile’s domestic flight should cost 7tr2. Nokair has a good thing to give you free 30kg baggage /day from HCM /HN-Bangkok and vice versa, and Thailan is free 15kg /day.
      Note: Because in Bangkok there are 2 airports Suvarnabhumi (BKK) and Don Mueang (DMK) separated by ~ 40km, when booking a flight ticket you need to check the airport code correctly to be able to connect the flight to the island for your convenience. , it is a mistake to take a taxi and get tired. VietJet always comes to BKK, while NokAir and AirAsia always come to DMK. I had to fly because I chose VietJet, so I had to set up another carrier like ThaiSmile to connect with the airport.
If you go to Koh Phi Phi, I advise you to fly to Krabi rather than Phuket because the train will be closer from Krabi station to Koh Phi Phi island and a taxi from Krabi airport to Krabi pier is closer and less expensive than taxi 🙂 . If you go to Krabi, you can also visit Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot) 40km from the airport if you have time, I regret not visiting it because there is no time.
When going to Bangkok airport, you should ask to know where to buy Thai sim 3G /4G Dtac price of about 299baht (~ 200k), unlimited 3G /4G usage, get 1.5GB high level in 7 days. I use it to distribute wifi for my wife to use, use this type of battery, if you have a third smartphone to use it to attach that Thai sim, then use it more like a portable wifi transmitter 🙂 . At present, in Vietnam, Laxgo wifi is rented, 85k /day to go to Thailand, and I find it more expensive to use it, but it is also weak. Using sim local anyway is more stable.

+ Train ticket to the island: can say this is the first thing that 2 vc has been missed due to the first time going to Thailand.
– If from Krabi Airport (KBV) – Krabi Pier: you have to go ~ 20km by taxi, when going to the taxi drivers in the airport will follow you with the price of 500baht (~ 300k), you just pay 300baht if ok Please go, of course they will not be willing to go out to the airport will have many other people follow you, they will go if you pay 350baht (~ 230k) (Sam is busy: 350- Thaispan class = “smilie” data-title = “Big Grin”>: D ).
 – If from Phuket Airport (HKT) – Phuket Pier: it takes ~ 40km by taxi. Since I didn’t get an earlier flight, I had to sleep for 1 night in Phuket and then leave for the next morning. Just like above, when going to Phuket airport, there is a taxi service to Phuket coastal center for 1000baht (~ 660k), don’t be foolish to catch it here, you just go to the big road to catch a taxi ~ 800baht cheaper price (~ 530k) to go 40km. At the airport, because 2vc dimmed chickens do not know whether to book train tickets here, they should be canceled, all the way to go and finish 2000baht (~ 1tr3), YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT BUYING TICKET TICKETS AT THE AIRPORT! While at the pier you can easily buy train tickets for 400baht /ng /trip (350bath /child), 2 return trips cost only 1600baht (~ 1tr050)
       Note: Taxi services in some coastal provinces like Krabi /Phuket are also quite expensive, they ask you to run by meter or pay cash prices always. They hardly run by meters counting on cars, even in Bangkok, even though the taxi price is really low ~ 9baht /km. If you want to save money, you can go to Mini-bus for about 150-200baht.

– Time to run: It has many different departure time frames for the island to choose from, depending on when you can book your flight and how to connect the flight, choose the appropriate time to go to the island, or stay at 1 night stay in Phuket /Krabi like me.
Krabi – Koh Phi Phi (1.5 hours): 9:00 /10:30 /13:30 /15:00
Phuket to Phi Phi (2 hours) 9:00 /10:30 /13:30 /15:00

Ship to the island is quite big on the boat, you can choose to sit on the outdoor railing to watch the train and the scenery around the wind or into the cabin, it feels very happy !!!


When I go close to the island, it will stop for me to visit the small islands, especially the beautiful Maya beach you can spoil the Livestream with everything! The clear blue sea sees the bottom, surrounding the rocky mountains, more beautiful than Ha Long Bay. 🙂 .


+ Hotel: In Koh Phi Phi, the room price is not cheap, you guys, do not know because I stayed in high season or why the normal room is 1000bah /day (~ 660k), who wants to play Let’s rent some resorts along the pier or the beach, about 2000-3000bath /immediately. Sea Shell Hut Sunla Hotel is a guest house (can search on Agoda, a good review), the room is also small and pretty, suitable for your needs, because I come here mainly to visit some island tours. Mostly, there is no need for room to over 🙂 . The hotel I live in (actually the inn is better) it is located near the pier, the beach, the market, so it is very convenient for travel. The review review has Kitty house, Bamboo, .. something that is on the top of the mountain to see Viewpoin, so when deciding to book a hotel, you need to study it carefully. There are many hotels looking at the beautiful view but it will be very inconvenient to go to the sea!

+ On the island: When you have docked on Phi Phi island, you have to pay an environmental cleaning fee of 20baht /hour (~ 13k), I think it is reasonable to protect the clean environment as well as here. You will be enraptured with the scenery just arrived at the pier surrounded by the mountain was very majestic as the picturesque, clear blue water see through the bottom, many fish under the bridge countless plans just toss any What piece of it down to eat like ant z : D .
Scenes around the harbor


…br />

Going deep into the island you will be rowed by a lot of dv tour tour to visit the island, you can watch comfortably but do not need to buy immediately, you may be ill, the people here are very friendly and hospitable, Only buy something on the island, always pay the price! When I went out to buy a plastic bag with a phone to film underwater, they demanded 100baht (~ 66k), paid 80baht and sold immediately to the receptionist, thinking that the price was only 50bath, 🙁 .
– Eating and drinking: the price of food here is not cheap, the price of 100-150bath (66-90k), the price of seafood is higher. But get the seafood here, shrimp, squid, crab, .. extremely delicious! Don’t miss PadThai, a typical Thai dish! Drinking water is from 50-80baht, you want to buy mineral water and drink, just go to 7Eleven (like K Circle, mini-mart stores in VN z), cost 10-15bath /bottle. At these stores, they sell at the right price and don’t worry about the price!
A few Tonsai Seafood mullets close to the pier with beautiful views

+ Fun:
– Island tour: as I mentioned above, you do not need to buy a tour of the island right on the Chinese side, most of them say the general price, ex: 1500baht /2ng to 3hr, 3000baht /2ng to 6hr. >

You can go far and wide around the dock, there are always Long tail drivers coming to ask you the price, but if you know how to pay you can get a tour for 1300bath away in 3hr. If I can get a guy to drive the train and deal with 1300bath (~ 860k /2nguoi) for sightseeing for 3hr (9am to 12pm) to go to the famous beaches in Phi Phi island Leeh: Monkey beach, Viking Cave, Pileh, Loh Samah, Maya Beach. With this place, I have to spend some time visiting other places on the island. Of course, if you still like to go to other places to visit all the small islands in 6hr, you can still deal with a price lower than 2600bath. According to the driver’s name AUi (phone: 086 278 3570, name of the ship: SARAWADI PPB281), 1300baht is a very low price and they will not go at a lower price and do not say this to other drivers: 3.
Early in the morning 2 vc, eating a few dishes at the market on the island 7Eleven bought some snacks and te te went to the pier, AUI waited to go. Remember when you get on the train, you should redefine the price for the last time to avoid misunderstandings. At first, I call for a price of 1000bath /2ng to 3hr, but when I get on the train, ask 1500bath, if I don’t know he listened or pretended to forget 🙂 , eventually closing the price of 1300bath. So when you get on the train, you need to determine how much the last price is going and where to go (what are the places you recommend). The private train is only 2 vc so it is very comfortable to go where to do anything that is not bothered by other passengers.

– Monkey beach: on this island, there are a lot of monkeys, you need to hold anything in your hand, you need to be careful it can shock you anytime. It is willing to rush to you very aggressively, not to be gentle or afraid of humans: ‘). Coming here, only about 15 minutes away because besides the monkey, the clear blue sea of ​​white sand has nothing to play.


Monkey Beach

 – Viking Cave: a look that looks outside is not very clean and slightly disgusting, there is only one guard on it, so I tell the boat to surf. Who has a lot of time to try deep into the discovery cave!

– Pileh: this is a small bay in Phi Phi Leeh archipelago, the landscape must be called beautiful with a rocky mountain surrounded by a small lake with clear blue water, seeing the bottom, here the water is only half a meter deep, you complete You can go down and have fun watching the delightful romp. I was here for a while to immerse myself in the cool water around, and my wife was filming the scene around me.br />


– Loh Samah: add a small bay of Phi Phi leeh, this is the place for you to play snorkeling (snorkeling), the water here is 2-3m deep. I wore diving goggles and snorkeling tubes and jumped into the blue water in the crooked scowl …. due to the overly beautiful scenery, coral and colorful fish swam below. I threw the banana pieces into the water, but the whole group of fish came into the bait and looked at my eyes, my wife felt like it too and put on a life jacket to jump down and watch. I have to go back to the film with the phone (wrapped in a waterproof bag) as a souvenir, but it’s not very satisfactory to watch. If you have time, just wish to stay here longer to see the fish and corals for it! My wife regret not filming any more videos here!
Rare video clip:


– Maya Beach: when coming to koh Phi Phi, you did not visit Maya Beach, but you did not come to Phi Phi to play 🙂 , here you have to say is a great scene. However, when you go to the island, you have to pay National Park fee, which is quite expensive with 400bath /day (~ 270k) (formerly 100bath) and 200bath /child if you get into the boat to go deep into Maya beach. If only visiting around the beach, there is no charge, Note: if you pay 400bath /ng for 1 point in Maya, when visiting other islands in the 6hr tour you will not have to pay any more. You may need to remind yourself whether or not you should go to the beach, or just play nearby if you don’t need to go back inside.


It can be said that the tour to visit the island is my favorite spot for this trip and it is very valuable for the money spent, going once and again to keep going, if you have time, you will try to tour 6hrs .

– View Viewpoint: fare 30bath /ng (~ 20k), this is where you can visit the panorama from the top of Koh Phi Phi island on the top of the mountain (like on the top of Hai Dang in VT) 🙂 ), if you go, go in the morning and look at the scene more clearly and beautifully, and I go in the afternoon to find the sun setting. Up here you have 2 directions to take 3km walk, because the trail is quite small and winding and must climb up the steps, so there are no vehicles to go up.
That day I went the wrong way, up to any place, but all were sand and gravel, and the bushes turned around, but when I came back, I went on the right way with cement. You need to ask carefully how to avoid it. On it there is Viewpoint 1: it builds more heart shapes, then I Love Ko Phi Phi pretty pretty teen for teenagers shooting, and on higher Viewpoint 2, the whole island view is very beautiful. There is a place to sell all kinds of left and right drinks!




– Watch fire dance: at night at the beach of some bars often have fire dance repertoire of Thai people who are tall and dark 🙂 , watch your eyes well. The music is extremely exciting, not unlike the beerclub in Saigon!
Fire dance at the beach (Photo borrowed temporarily at phuotvivu due to night photography unknown)

– There are many activities such as Kayark sailing, Long Beach sightseeing, Scuba diving (using oxygen tank) .. but I don’t have time to go any of you have to go back for further review!
According to my calculations, if you only go to Koh Phi Phi in 4ngay 3 nights, you spend ~ 13tr /2nguoi minimum, a great experience for such a island place !!!
+ NokAir: ~ 1tr6x4 = 6tr4
          SGN-DMK and DMK-HKT /KBV
+ Sim 3G /4G = 299 ~ 200k
Total cost = & gt; 13tr057k

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