If you see cats, puppies or cute little boys and girls who want to pinch or want to bite, it is purely a normal reflex of the brain, and science has also proved the reason come to think like this. According to psychologist Katherine Stavropoulos of the University of California, about half of all adults think so at least once to twice.


Ms. Stavropoulos recently published a research paper on this situation on Frontiers in Behavioural Neuroscience, a journal of behavioral psychology. “That’s not the case, when I think about wanting to bite or want to pinch, people really never want to harm cute pets or cute glitter-eyed cartoon characters” , psychologist said.

Wanting to carry out violent behaviors in the human head when seeing cute pets or children is merely an unconditional reflex of the brain when positive emotions rush in too much. intense. The people who encounter this situation are called “cute aggression”, so it is called “cute to faint”. This phrase in 2015 was given by Yale University researchers.


With her research, Ms. Stavropoulos chose 54 adults and swept their brain power when looking at pictures of cute pets and children. Some images are normal, while others are “made” to increase the cuteness. Researchers have discovered that the more cute the image is, the more the brain responsible for handling emotions starts working at full capacity, and the feeling of “cute to faint” makes the reward system create emotions. satisfied when people achieve something even more powerful.

Stavropoulos realized, when seeing things so cute, both of the brain’s upper systems were affected, leading to the brain ordering to do something to counter these intense emotions. . Consequently, people feel the need to interact with pets or little girls in a slightly violent way, for example … gnawing.

Refer to Frontiers

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