Soul Eletronics has continued to introduce those who love running their latest true wireless headset – Soul Blade. The product inheriting the attractive features of the Run Free Pro Bio headset was released earlier in October last year. At the same time Soul also integrated into this headset to become a real-time virtual trainer to give advice and methods to help you run in a more appropriate way.


Soul Blade’s built-in BiomechEngine technology features data collection such as speed, distance, running rhythm, measuring the stride, balance, head tilt of the user while they are jogging. From there it analyzes and provides a more suitable running exercise, modifying the person ‘s jogging position in real time in a more appropriate, safe and healthy way.

Not only with an assistant & quot; AI running coach & quot; (roughly translated: virtual jogging coach) that the headset also comes with a heart rate measurement feature that helps you estimate your workout level via headphones. Wish we could see this feature with the same operation mechanism as other earphones like Jabra, Bose and Bragi.

Soul Blade is compatible with both iOS and Android. Water-resistant products up to IPX7 are suitable for people who produce a lot of sweat or exercise in wet weather. Transparent Audio Mode is also available in this headset, which helps you to wear headphones but still hear sounds around.


Soul says the product can operate for up to 96 hours including charging box time, comes with the use of type-C to support fast charging.

Soul Blade products are being raised on Indiegogo with a goal of $ 1 million before the product is widely available to everyone for an estimated price of $ 250 (over 5 million VND).

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