If you like the crowded, bustling life in Khaosan – Bangkok’s famous nightlife street and you are a cat lover, Suneta Hostel Khaosan will be an extremely reasonable choice. Especially, for those who travel alone or afraid of ghosts, this hostel is even more reasonable. Why? Because I’m also a solo traveler and extremely afraid of ghosts but I was able to be here. Everything is very comfortable. More specifically, please take a look at the photo and watch it. Boss group image series at the end of the post, please see.


Booking: You can book on the booking website or book directly on the hotel website at here . The story is that I book the day, Traveloka told me about the room but I went to the website. So, if you book on the web, you can see it all, then check it out on the website and book it directly

Move to the Hostel from the Airport: If people go directly from the airport to Khaosan, just take the free airport shuttle bus, climb into the car and go straight to Khaosan Road and then down. , don’t spend a cent. For simplicity, you only need to upload their Fanpage and inbox code set Room, they will enthusiastically answer and guide the way for you. I must say that the staff here are very nice, kind and friendly. Both staff responded on Fanpage and the staff I met at Hostel.


The reason should be here?
It is extremely close to Khaosan but not on Khaosan Road. Just take a short walk to Khaosan to eat and play. But also not afraid of being affected by sleep by the noisy, bustling of Khaosan at night.

Cats: If you like cats, you can’t ignore this. They have lots of cats, and even more fat. Honestly, I don’t like cats, I like dogs more. But the fat and lovely fat of the cats here makes me feel & quot; quiver & quot ;. Of course, these cats are concentrated in the common living area (the hostels now have such a zone). It is separate from the guest room, does not affect where you are.


  • Bedroom: they have both a private room and a dorm. There are dorms only women and dorm mix. Especially with both kind of dorm cabin – there are wooden doors to pull and lock, look more securely than pull the curtain for you who are not familiar at dorm. I often choose dorm cabin. Because I am afraid but I do not dare to be alone in a big room, at the dorm, the space is so compact that I feel scared. It’s just a box so everything is in sight. Dorm prices are about 200-300k. Single room price from 700k. Depending on the time you book. In short, not too expensive.
  • My dorm cabin: full power outlet, separate fan in the cabin (the whole room is equipped with a common air conditioner but it is safe not to be hot), there is a screen in the room but I never Touch it so don’t notice. Another small advantage of the cabin is that there is a wooden door pull, outside can be left in the cabin and locked. (Normal Dorm screen, I haven’t been, but I guess there will be a closet under the bed like some place)./li>
  • Common living area: full map, day tours, seating, board games, get laundry clothes for 70TBH 1kg (about 50k VND) and cats to hug.
  • How to eat breakfast: Although it is only basic items such as fried eggs, cereals, rice, juice, milk .. But also considered quite adequate.
  • Toilet and bathroom: Always have a clean toilet and available shower gel, shampoo. There is also a private room with hair dryer and mirror for you to prepare before going out. However, the bathroom and the toilet use the door, the evening is a bit afraid because it’s old-fashioned.
  • Also, when you check out early, they are also willing to accept luggage for you.
  • The only downside to me: Look at the old, slightly old and separate rooms, so I have to go upstairs, carry a little tired luggage. But in return, the receptionist, even female, is always ready to carry. 🙂


Little walk to Khaosan. Watch out for this bowl and eat it.


Living room. With decoration, cute, it is also suitable for some virtual photographers. There is also a scale for weighing luggage.


There is a cyclo and a traditional costume rental. Every corner sees cats lying in shape and drop.


There are a lot of tables and chairs to sit, no shortage of seats 🙂 )


Breakfast items


Not yet, here it is: fruits, rice, fried eggs. After eating, just put it in the sink, the cute yellow dress girl will wash her.

suneta-hostel-cho-ai-thich-me-when-du-lich-bang-kok26.jpgbr />
Sale of water and beer right at the Hostel. Actually, 7-11 is quite close, so I don’t need to buy in place: 3


Play me 🙂


Higher table to sit for breakfast comfortable


Sorting trash.


Healthy breakfast 🙂


There’s a charger in the common room. Oh, I got a bite of the cable not only of you & quot; scorpion & quot; My house 🙂


The door leads to the bedroom.


The staircase looks a bit old, but it is reassuring.


Leaving shoes here before entering the room, it won’t be lost.


Add a lock class before entering the room.br />


Room cabin where I choose to stay. Each person has a private box.


There is a lock to remove the item when going out.


No one has turned on 🙂 ))


there is a small box to store. The fan is in the frame next to me but I hang out 🙂 )


Toilet door with key shape 🙂 ).

And finally invite to see boss images


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