Why is there an atomic submarine without an atomic plane?

The US Navy recently submitted a plan to ask the US Congress for $ 139 billion to upgrade their nuclear submarine fleet. Unlike submarines that run conventional fuels, have to float to the surface frequently to refuel, nuclear submarines can operate for several consecutive decades at high speeds under the sea. According to design drawings […]

Western – China telecommunications war, and direct consequences: Huawei

China and the West are running a telecommunications technology race in the near future, through 5G technology. Experts predict that 5G not only helps speed up the internet connection of users of devices, but also allows us to connect with each other much better than at the present time, when 4G is still popular. And […]

See the most impressive mechanical watches that have just been introduced at SIHH 2019

CES 2019 ended, but immediately two other events that I was interested in took place. One is the Detroit Auto Show, which takes place in 2 weeks from January 14 to 27 in the US. The second event is called SIHH 2019, short for Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie – International watch exhibition held […]

Is the “10 years challenge” movement for Facebook to get information for the face recognition system?

In the last few days if your hard-working brothers surfed Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you would have been overpriced with pictures comparing your friends’ faces 10 years ago and now watching them for a decade. how people change. I have a small conspiracy theory for you to exchange weekends: Facebook created this trend to stimulate […]

Apple Store staff: “Only buy the iPad Pro if you are a graphic designer”

Below is the story of author Chris Matyszczyk, posted on ZDNet page . I would like to summarize the story to focus on. Chris has a friend who wants to receive a Christmas gift as an iPad Mini. But her friend gave her an iPad Pro. This girl doesn’t want a tablet with such a […]

[Fun] Please try to challenge 5 geometry problems at level 2, what can you solve?

These math problems are given by Ms. Catriona Shearer. She is a math teacher from a high school in northern Essex, England. Her Twitter page often posts geometric puzzle problems that many people think about . I see the same lessons in the 2nd grade math students’ exam. Here are 5 problems with increasing difficulty, […]

15 charts describe human achievements in 2018

2018 cannot be called a perfect year for people all over the world. But in the middle of a turbulent year, there are still many good news coming from environmental or health aspects. Below is a summary of 15 charts showing those positive changes. Environment The worst news about the environment of 2018 is the […]

AMD CEO: “We are still working on real-time ray tracing technology.”

After the introduction of Radeon VII and Ryzen 3000, two generations of new GPUs and CPUs were produced on the 7nm process, Dr. Lisa Su had a short press interview at CES 2019. Most notably, AMD In general and Dr. Su in particular agreed that real-time ray tracing technology is still very important for AMD, […]

# CES19: With Intel Lakefield, how will 3D stacking technology change the technology market?

Besides Ice Lake, the 10nm process generation CPU, Intel today also introduced a new generation of chips called Lakefield code, using 3D stacking technology, allowing Intel to stack multiple transistor layers and processor cores. on each other instead of stretching them to the die surface of the chip like tradition. Intel used the Foveros 3D […]

[Research] When you’re sad, your immune system may have a problem

According to a new study conducted by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, the fact that people experience negative emotions with high frequency, such as sadness, anxiety or anger can be a sign for Seeing that the human immune system is running at full capacity, and health is showing signs of badness. Scientists have […]