Apple Watch and iPhone may have built-in toxic gas detection sensors

The Apple Watch or even the iPhone in the future can identify toxic gases in the environment to warn users because Apple has just received a patent that allows the integration of a tiny sensor that recognizes gas input. these devices. CO is one of the toxic gases Apple is concerned about, it is colorless, […]

Apple launched the “shot on iPhone” contest 2019

Apple is launching a photo contest 2019 & quot; shot on iPhone & quot; by inviting photographers and users around the world to send the best, best photos taken on Apple devices from January 22, 2019 to February 7, 2019. Works will carefully selected by an impressive panel of judges including famous photographers such as […]

Already have iOS 12.1.3 fix many bugs for iPhone, iPad, HomePod, download brother

Apple has just released iOS 12.1.3 update to fix many bugs for iPhone, iPad and HomePod. Details are as follows: Fix the app Messages error when standing over images in Details screen Fix image errors that may be streaked when pressing Share on iOS button Fix distorted sound errors when exporting audio out with iPad […]

Apple has sold the iPhone SE on the store

Just a few days ago, it was reported that Apple was quietly reselling iPhone SE 32GB and 64GB versions to clean up the warehouse, according to the latest information, these machines are now sold out. The 32GB machine sells for $ 249 ($ 100 off) and the 128GB version drops to 150GB down to $ […]

In hand and donated Aukey L-2 Lightning cable, 1.2m long, beautiful and sturdy, with MFi

People who play games will like this cable. This is the USB-A cable for the Lightning port of Aukey, especially it has designed two L-shaped heads (90 degrees), as well as very sturdy Nylon wrap. Of course, it is licensed by Apple MFi (Made for iPhone /iPad /iPod), which I always choose first when buying […]

This year’s iPhone will recognize when users want to take photos to open the camera app themselves?

It has just been discovered that an Apple patent allows the iPhone to identify when a user wants to take the camera to take a photo to open the camera app on their own, saving a few operations and thereby eliminating missed moments. Important engraving wants to capture. More significantly, Apple recently confirmed that the […]

Apple was accused of forcing Korean carriers

South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has alleged that Apple has abused its power to squeeze operators in the country. Specifically, the three major carriers SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus are forced to bear advertising and warranty costs for the iPhone. On the Apple side, it countered that despite the advantages of negotiating, they […]

Wall Street Journal: iPhone XR is part of the reason why Apple has difficulty in business

The Wall Street Journal points out the profound reasons why Apple is on the decline in the iPhone business, especially in the Chinese market, through which WSJ is also targeting the iPhone XR. High clown. Although Apple does not reveal XR sales, in fact this product is experiencing unpopular conditions: The price of iPhone XR […]

Qualcomm developed an independent network modem just because Apple, which costs 250 million dollars a year

During the full hearing of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) accusing Qualcomm of abusing its monopoly in the network modem segment to pin down partners, Qualcomm’s chief technology officer, James Thompson, confirmed the opposite. . It is because Apple that Qualcomm must develop independent network modems, and each year it costs $ 250 million to […]