LG G8 ThinQ without voice speaker, will use screen vibration technology to transmit sound?

The latest leaked news suggests that LG G8 ThinQ will no longer use the voice speaker, replacing it with a second selfie camera, it seems that this will be a super-wide base tube to selfie more people. If this information is correct, ThinQ has all 4 cameras, 2 front and 2 back. Because no longer […]

This is Nokia 8.1 Plus without rabbit ears but has a hole screen?

The leaked image from OnLeaks shows that Nokia is preparing to launch the Nokia 8.1 Plus, it does not use rabbit ears screens like Nokia 8.1 has just sold in Vietnam but switched to using a hole-like screen like Samsung Galaxy A8s. The screen hole eliminates the rabbit ears or water droplets that are used […]

How to turn off “rabbit ears” on Nokia 8.1: are you using a rabbit ear phone and keeping your rabbit ears off

With a price of 7.99 million for Nokia 8.1, it can be said that it is quite attractive for the device with dual camera, ZEISS lens, chip configuration Snapdragon 710 , the screen is equipped with PureDisplay technology, and HDR10 display technology even in the mid-range segment. However there will be brothers who do not […]

7 trendy 2019 smartphone: mousetrap, multiple camera, gaming, phone free

Phone 2019 trend will be: rabbit ears dropped, moles screen emerged, the rim will continue to thin. About the camera, we can see the number of cameras on each machine increased. And in Vietnam, next year will be an interesting time for Vietnamese phones as the competition between Bphone, Asanzo and Mobiistar will become fiercer […]