Fujifilm will not release the X-H2 in 2019

This is a sad news for Fujifilm fans this year. The X-H1 is a striking crop mirrorless model in 2018 with incredible vibration resistance in the camera body, and the community is still looking forward to the manufacturer’s upgrades for the next model. > The X-H1 debuted in early 2018, considered a significant upgrade from […]

# TTBC18: Result category Camera: Canon and Fujifilm prevailed

TTBC18 in Camera category ended with 13049 participants with unexpected results. With overwhelming votes, the entry-level Canon EOS 800D has absolutely won in the DSLR segment. Fujifilm X-T3 is no less competitive when it comes to the Mirrorless Camera. The camera phone segment calls Huawei P20 and Pixel 2 names for the best Camera phone […]

Camera Vsmart Active 1+ rating: Not meeting expectations

Recently, the Vsmart Active 1+ commercial version has been sold for 6.29 million VND. This is the most advanced model of four phones introduced by Vinsmart at the end of last year. I experienced the phone and tried taking photos in a number of different conditions and found it to be less impressive. Some parameters […]

The effect of laser lights on camera sensors and how to prevent them

Laser technology is increasingly used in presentations and performances, which is also the main cause of a series of camera sensors that died in one region or all over the past few years. If improperly used recording devices are used, these laser beams not only affect the device but can also harm the user’s eyes. […]

Sony officially launched the A6400: the world’s fastest AF, flip screen, priced at $ 900.

Sony ended all rumors over the past few days with the press release of the Sony Alpha 6400. Although the name A6400 is still controversial, after the launch, this machine is considered a suitable replacement for A6300. The Sony A6400 is unveiled with the world’s fastest 0.02-minute autofocus capability, combining AI artificial intelligence to create […]

# CES19: Summary of products related to movies and photos introduced at CES 2019

So CES19 – the largest consumer electronics exhibition of the year – closed after 4 days of going on very excitingly, attracting a lot of public interest worldwide. There are many innovative, novel and unique technologies introduced at this event from smart devices used in daily life such as trash, toilet, folding machine …, until […]

5 highlights when experiencing Camera Vsmart Joy 1

The Vsmart Joy 1 is the cheapest of four recent Vinsmart smartphones. Users who do not expect too much on a phone with only 2.5 million dong in terms of camera performance, however, Vsmart Joy 1 has shown itself to be a phone worthy of this price. Camera Delicate, please highlight the 5 highlights of […]

[Canon 2019] Will Canon launch 7 RF lenses for the EOS R series this year?

2019 is the year Canon will launch a series of RF lenses. Almost certainly, they will deliver at least one EF-M lens to Canonian handsets for the EOS-M series and 7 RF lenses for the EOS-R series, although the camera array is still unclear. In addition, Canon will not release a new EF lens and […]

# TT18: Summary of smartphone camera trend in 2018

If 2016 is the premise for smartphone redesign for smartphones with the introduction of dual camera cluster on iPhone 7 plus as well as image processing technology on Google Pixel, 2018 is definitely the real year. Boom of new designs for phone camera clusters as well as advanced technologies applied to image processing. This is […]