Replace air filters for cars: leave them in a cleaner car, not foul

The air filter (airfilter) is responsible for protecting you from dust, dirt, microorganisms, allergens … This filter will block things on its surface, so when it has If you use it for a long time or stick to dust, the air passing through it will be more difficult, reducing the efficiency of the air conditioner […]

Pavise care automotive insulation film has an official distributor in Vietnam

Recently, insulation film brand Pavise has officially selected TKT as an exclusive distributor in Vietnam. Specifically, Momo Trading is a representative unit in Southeast Asia that has signed a cooperation with a unit that owns Pavise brand in Korea, then selects an exclusive distributor in Vietnam, TKT. Pavise care is a manufacturer of insulation films […]

Mercedes is the best-selling luxury car brand in the US for the third consecutive year

In 2018, the third Mercedes-Benz brand is the best-selling luxury car in the US, the title of many years belongs to fellow countryman BMW. Although BMW has not achieved a leading position, BMW is the only luxury car brand in the top 4 with sales growth in 2018. 3 of these 4 brands are from […]

Porsche organizes virtual car racing: 100 thousand Dollar Award, iRacing game play

In stark contrast to the conventional way of thinking, it is that gaming does not make a person work similarly better than in real life (for example, shooting), many simulation racing games are developed to create The most realistic driving experience like Project CARS 2, or Grand Turismo Sport and F1 2018. Realizing this fact, […]