Petkix on hand: tracking device, playing with cats and dogs from afar

Petkix has cameras, microphones, infrared sensors, laser lights and has grain throwing holes for dogs and cats at home. This is a good idea for cats and dogs to stay at home but must go to school far away or work all day and cannot take care of or play with pets in the house. […]

The 2019 laptop has something to note: the 17 “laptop comes back, the border continues thin, 16:10 revives

The recent CES 2019 event shows us many new trends in the mobile market this year. Calculator 17 & quot; go back LG, Asus, Dell Alienware … are the companies that have launched laptops 17 & quot; at CES, in which the LG Gram 17 is a 17 & quot; The lightest in the world […]

Motiv Ring updates the software, allows authentication of online transactions and accounts with ECG

Attending this year’s CES event, Motiv startup introduced a new software version of Motiv Ring smart ring product. At this upgrade, Motiv Ring will be equipped with a new heart rate analysis algorithm to allow users to authenticate online transactions and accounts with ECG ECG. Motiv believes that each person’s heart rate has very different […]

# CES19: Summary of products related to movies and photos introduced at CES 2019

So CES19 – the largest consumer electronics exhibition of the year – closed after 4 days of going on very excitingly, attracting a lot of public interest worldwide. There are many innovative, novel and unique technologies introduced at this event from smart devices used in daily life such as trash, toilet, folding machine …, until […]

Nissan Leaf e +: 200 horsepower, charging once runs more than 360 km

“Leaf e +” is the latest Leaf version recently released by the Japanese automaker at the CES 2019 consumer electronics exhibition taking place in Las Vegas (USA). Vehicles can run about 364 km after each charge, 40% more than the previous generation. Besides, the car’s capacity is also significantly improved. Nissan Leaf e + is […]

# CES19: On hand electric bikes Bosch for shipper brothers

This electric bicycle with a very large barrel in front of Bosch is quite suitable for those who deliver goods in Vietnam. Shipper and Grab brothers, … often have to carry an extra box in the back, still look unsafe, not big and hygienic so it is not very good.      With this car, in […]

# CES19: L’Oréal introduces a smart wearable device that monitors skin health

L’Oréal My Skin Track pH is a new smart wearable device, capable of analyzing the skin’s healthy level by monitoring the pH of the skin and the amount of sweat-containing chemicals newly introduced at CES 2019. According to L’Oréal, the device will help dermatologists get more information about the patient’s condition, as well as be […]

# CES19: Lacie releases a 5TB removable hard drive

LaCie – a subsidiary of Seagate – recently launched a removable hard drive of up to 5TB at the CES 2019 event. With a beveled design next to a sturdy diamond, this new hard drive can be viewed as a fashion accessory. Indispensable page for technology brothers. Now Lacie will also have a 2TB version […]

# CES19: On hand Samsung Car smart car system: safety, infotainment and connectivity

For smart car systems that bring CES 2019, Samsung emphasizes on the 3 points of safety, entertainment information and finally the connection of cars to form an ecosystem. help people be safer, more convenient.      Saáung devotes an area to show off the infotainment system and drive safely on two car models so that users […]

# CES19: 3dRudder Foot Motion Controller – Toys that control virtual reality games with legs

After the toys for you who love gaming hardware PC, laptop, it is not until today at CES 2019 that new toys are available for console enthusiasts, more specifically the console named Foot Motion Controller of 3dRudder, designed for PS VR and other virtual reality glass platforms. You will use your legs on the device […]