# Tet19: Ways to transfer money right on Tet

In the days of Tet, the demand for money transfer has skyrocketed. When you go home, you will transfer money to your family first so that you will not have to take along the cash department, and then you buy and sell goods to increase the transaction to push the goods at the end of […]

MasterCard will not allow charging after trial (trial) if you forget to cancel the service

Everyone has a trial (trial) of a software or service that forgets to cancel the subscription when it is no longer used and is charged via card. MasterCard wants to prevent this and they set new rules for vendors that users must agree to be charged. Specifically as follows: when you register for trial and […]

# Tet19: Things need to be careful when card transactions last year

The end of the year is a season of card money, and it’s also a season of bad guys who strengthen hacking activities to steal your money. These are the ways I use to ensure the security of my card’s money, please consult. 1. Separate accounts for international cards and ATM cards The national card […]

The reasons why I like to use e-wallets, what about you?

I want to invite many brothers to use the card /e-wallet as much as possible to gradually remove cash so in this article I share the reasons why I use e-wallet regularly. Mostly I use MoMo, AirPay should share it much, the other wallet is similar. Online payment is very convenient and safe I have […]

If you don’t have a credit card, you can use MoMo to pay Google Play

MoMo has finished working with Google and they are starting to allow Google Play payments with this e-wallet. To use, simply go to Google Play & gt; settings menu & gt; Payment method & gt; Add MoMo wallet and then perform the authentication process. Every time you buy an app or buy an item in […]