Camera Subtle: Video & images of year-end exchanges, workshops of Mr. Hafoto

Year-end meeting of the camera community The subtle community ended in a warm and happy atmosphere at the exquisite Cafe. The exchange has the contribution of Admin and Mod Camera, friends and community members with open sharing and exchange to develop the forum in a more useful way. Besides, Mr. Ha Foto’s participation and sharing […]

[Crystal Camera] Year-end meeting & Attend Hafoto Workshop “Retouching photo tips online”

Camera Tinhte would like to invite you to join the meeting at the end of the year and join Hafoto’s Workshop with the theme: Procedure to retouch photos to upload on websites. This is the Offline /Workshop at the end of the lunar year of Lunar New Year preparing for Camera Tinhte. We will have […]

Invite to see Livestream share the photography experience with 3 Vsmart phones – 8 o’clock tonight

At 8pm tonight 09/01/2019, the Mod Camera Tinhte we will Livestream on fanpage Tinhte ( Link ) includes me @ y2k.Smith and @ spacezone share outstanding features and shares after the actual shooting experience of the past few days with 3 Vsmart phones: Joy 1, Joy 1 + and Active 1 for those who are […]

5 highlights when experiencing Camera Vsmart Joy 1

The Vsmart Joy 1 is the cheapest of four recent Vinsmart smartphones. Users who do not expect too much on a phone with only 2.5 million dong in terms of camera performance, however, Vsmart Joy 1 has shown itself to be a phone worthy of this price. Camera Delicate, please highlight the 5 highlights of […]

Beautiful pictures of “starling dance”

Every year when the autumn is over, the world goes through the winter when the huge flock of starlings from Russia and Eastern Europe migrate to warmer areas to avoid chilling. When flying together with the stone flute created distinctive murmur sounds, they were like performing impressive dances in the sky. The dance curves like […]

# CES19: Nikon introduces ultra-wide-angle lens NIKKOR Z 14-30mm f / 4S for Z6 & Z7

Nikon has just introduced the Nikkor Z 14-30mm F4 S lens, the first ultra-wide zoom lens for their two Mirrorless Fullframe cameras, Z6 and Z7. This latest lens is a suitable focal range for landscape, travel, event and architecture photographers, with quality and versatility on the Z mount. this is also a very suitable lens […]

Horror movie coming soon: THE DRONE (2019)

The film world has made quite famous photography-related horror movies like One Hour Photo or Shutter. And right now we have the trailer of The Drone movie, which is about a cognitive and bloodthirsty DJI drone that has become a serial killer. Through the trailer posted, the movie will probably be rated R – Restricted […]

Kipon officially sells Elegant lenses for Nikon Z and Canon R: Affordable metal designs.

Following Elegant lens line announcements for mirrorless fullframe models from Canon and Nikon, Kipon quickly produced and released test shots of this lens line with the Nikon Z 7 recently. January 1, 2019, the company has officially sold these Elegant lenses for Nikon Z models, and a few days later for Canon R on Amazon […]

How to use a tripod for the most effective? Please share your experiences.

Tripod (Tripod) is an indispensable device in the landscape image category. For professional NAGs, tripod is an object that is not separate from them during trips to photograph whether heavy, cumbersome or entangled. With tripod, they confidently take photos in difficult weather conditions but wind, rain, lack of light or in unfavorable environments to hold […]

Featured photos of 2018 made by Magnum Photos

At the end of the old year at the beginning of the new year, it is always a time for the community to admire countless photographs from big newspapers, photo organizations or annual awards of firms. One of the collections of five photography lovers cannot be missed is the series of legendary Photo Organization Magnum […]