# Tet19: How many articles did you post in Mau Tuat year, discussing with how many people?

In preparation for the happy end of the year, we have made a feature for you to review in the last Year of the Dog, how you interacted with Subtlety. Just go to Tinhte.vn/2018review , you will see the data Interesting synthesis. The number of readings has just started tracking recently so it will be […]

[Image] Discharge of technology warehouse at Cafe Delicate: Eastern fun, variety of items

Please take a look at the image of the Technology Warehouse at the Exquisite Café today. A large number of brothers have come to choose to buy items discounted by technology stores. The store sells goods, you can buy goods and join the game to receive fun gifts.      List of participating stores: 1. 3KShop […]

Keep track of what’s hot on Delicate easily

The Team Data of Delicate has just completed the function of finding topics, content that people talk about on Tinhte.vn and displaying it on the homepage so that you can follow more easily the hot things that are being considered by techies. center. You just need to go to the homepage, scroll down a bit […]

Electrical appliances: Please vote 2 items you like best, we will buy 10 gifts for you

We are preparing to make some consumer electronics games so you can share about the household items you like, from the fridge, air conditioner, washing machine to the microwave you are using. at home. To choose gifts for this contest, thanks to you vote 2 gifts that you like best in the list below so […]

Canon EOS R has three new lens options: IRIX 11mm f / 4, 15mm f / 2.4 and 150mm f / 2.8 1: 1 Macro

Recently, IRIX Swiss lens manufacturer has announced that all current Canon EF mount lenses will be available on Canon EOS R when using Canon Canon EF to EOS R. One thing pretty good about the company made this new 3rd lens (brother or so called lens for) is this company only focuses on making 3 […]

Huawei Mate 30 Pro will have the following 5 camera clusters like Nokia 9 PureView?

The phone camera race this year has been heated up after Huawei revealed the Huawei Mate 30 Pro’s cladding design, which is the next version of Mate 20 pro that just appeared in October last year. In a design registration with the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration), we can see an interesting detail that […]

[Game] Review photos taken with Galaxy A9 with 4 Camera, hit JBL Charge 3 speaker …

Along with the introduction of specializing in Samsung Galaxy pages on Tinhte.vn, invite you to join a small contest that Or, like Galaxy A9 camera, there are 4 rear cameras, that is: Comment photos taken with Galaxy A9. Delicate photos already available for you to choose, you just need to select a photo and comment […]

Olympus launched a new teaser about the new high-end mirrorless model

Recently Olympus has just released a short teaser of less than 20 seconds about a high-end mirrorless camera that the company plans to release on January 24, 2019. According to the scenes in the short video we can see this is The machine is rugged enough to be used for harsh environment control, difficult conditions […]

Yongnuo made a 50mm f1.0 AF lens for FF Sony camera E

According to Sonyalpharumors page, the short video posted is the image of Yongnuo 50mm f1 .0 is mounted on a ff Sony Sony E. Yongnuo body which is a manufacturer of ordinary lenses and camera accessories for Canon, Nikon and a number of other camera brands. Although Yongnuo has not officially confirmed, the output of […]

# TTBC18: Submissive mod Subtle part 1, have you voted?

In the framework of sophistication, we choose to organize a very interesting and different category from the rest of the categories: vote Mod. This is an opportunity for mod brothers to immerse themselves in each other, chasing each other to win votes for themselves. Please go to Tinhte.vn/ttbc18 to vote on mods and categories. another […]