DJI: Employees declare the price of components, the company lost 150 million USD

SZ DJI Technology Co Ltd, brothers often referred to as DJI, the largest drone manufacturer in the world recently accused their employees of overcharging components for personal gain, resulting in nearly 150 million losses. USD last year. Currently, DJI said “investigating a number of internal corruption cases led to DJI losing more than 1 billion […]

The effect of laser lights on camera sensors and how to prevent them

Laser technology is increasingly used in presentations and performances, which is also the main cause of a series of camera sensors that died in one region or all over the past few years. If improperly used recording devices are used, these laser beams not only affect the device but can also harm the user’s eyes. […]

The US government is about to ban Chinese telecommunications equipment

The latest move in the US-China trade war, as well as the deployment of the 5G telecom network, is that the administration of President Donald Trump is preparing a decree to ban import and use of telecommunications equipment. produced by China for national security reasons.   At the present time this decree has not been […]