Apple Watch and iPhone may have built-in toxic gas detection sensors

The Apple Watch or even the iPhone in the future can identify toxic gases in the environment to warn users because Apple has just received a patent that allows the integration of a tiny sensor that recognizes gas input. these devices. CO is one of the toxic gases Apple is concerned about, it is colorless, […]

Motiv Ring updates the software, allows authentication of online transactions and accounts with ECG

Attending this year’s CES event, Motiv startup introduced a new software version of Motiv Ring smart ring product. At this upgrade, Motiv Ring will be equipped with a new heart rate analysis algorithm to allow users to authenticate online transactions and accounts with ECG ECG. Motiv believes that each person’s heart rate has very different […]

# CES19: Withings launched BPM Core, comprehensive heart care device, priced at VND 6 million

At CES 2019, in addition to two hybrid smart watch, Withings also brought to exhibit a specialized device in health care that is BPM Core. BPM Core is a smart dedicated blood pressure device that integrates electrodes (for ECG measurement) and electronic stethoscope (to measure VHD). Specifically, these features are as follows: Blood pressure measurement […]

The brains of 3 people are successfully connected to each other, can share thoughts

Not only successfully connected 3 brains of 3 people but scientists can also help them share their thoughts and play Tetris puzzle together. Not only that, scientists also believe that this model can expand into a “brain network” of many people connected to each other and not only directly in place but also can connect […]