Test eSIM (Vinaphone) with international iPhone Xs Max

Testing Vinaphone eSIM shows that registering a SIM card is simpler and faster than using a traditional sim quite a lot. In terms of network speed, voice and text quality is very smooth, not lost. eSIM also brings a lot of other values ​​not only good for users, for phone carriers, operators and also for […]

Meizu Zero: phone without USB port, no SIM slot, no headphone jack

The Meizu Zero is the phone & quot; crazy & quot; Meizu’s, it does not have any connection ports: no USB port, no headset, no SIM tray. Charging the device will use wireless charging, SIM will change to eSIM, even fingerprint sensor is also brought down the screen and all buttons are replaced with virtual […]

[Video] Activate eSIM Viettel network on iPhone XR in Vietnam

A very clear video just posted on Youtube showed that it was possible to activate the eSIM provided by Viettel in Vietnam. In the video that was shot at Viettel, a girlfriend guided step by step to enable this feature on an iPhone XR 2 SIM (1 physical, 1 eSIM). Basically, users after registration will […]

# TT18: 2018, a strong development year of wearable devices: more beautiful, more health care

2018 saw a boom year of wearable devices with the participation of almost all big names in technology village. The wearable devices that appeared in 2018 showed that the companies took care of not only the internal configuration but also the appearance very seriously. Products tend to: Thin, big screen and higher resolution. The body […]