# Tet19: Candy and candy speaker models for brothers love to sing on the occasion of Tet

The coming certainly has a lot of needs to sing for fun. Currently there are many candy and candy speaker products on the market, but I am not clear about the quality and features of those products, so in this article, I only introduce branded products. The cost of these products also spreads with many […]

# Tet19: Instructions for cleaning and deodorizing helmet

Washing a helmet is always a topic that is of great interest to you, because it is an item we have to use every day. In Vietnam is a hot and humid tropical environment, the helmet is always sticky with sweat and easily produces bacteria and mold. There are many people who use helmets for […]

# Tet19: Ways to transfer money right on Tet

In the days of Tet, the demand for money transfer has skyrocketed. When you go home, you will transfer money to your family first so that you will not have to take along the cash department, and then you buy and sell goods to increase the transaction to push the goods at the end of […]

# Tet19: Items to check before taking the car away

Long trips are always potential risks and unexpected problems. To eliminate these things, the best way is to always be well prepared. The car is a companion and if the car is not well prepared, it is obvious that it is a reaction. I will share with you a few experiences of checking the car […]

[Android, iOS] # Tet19: clean up your phone to prepare for the new year with 3 simple steps

Preparing for Tet, outside cleaning the door, cleaning up the car, the phone is also something you need to clean up to make sure your device runs well and doesn’t run out of capacity in the middle of going to Tet. In this article, I summarize the most commonly used ways when you need to […]