Is the “10 years challenge” movement for Facebook to get information for the face recognition system?

In the last few days if your hard-working brothers surfed Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you would have been overpriced with pictures comparing your friends’ faces 10 years ago and now watching them for a decade. how people change. I have a small conspiracy theory for you to exchange weekends: Facebook created this trend to stimulate […]

[Android, iOS] # Tet19: clean up your phone to prepare for the new year with 3 simple steps

Preparing for Tet, outside cleaning the door, cleaning up the car, the phone is also something you need to clean up to make sure your device runs well and doesn’t run out of capacity in the middle of going to Tet. In this article, I summarize the most commonly used ways when you need to […]

Americans over 65 are more likely to share duck news than young people

According to studies at New York University and Princeton, older people in the United States tend to share duck news and fake news on Facebook more than young people. Factors such as educational background, gender, race, income, number of shared links … are not important factors, especially age is the best feature to guess whether […]

The author of cancer treatment books with alkalinity lost the lawsuit, had to pay 105 million dollars for patients

The last few days I have seen on Facebook are a few articles sharing “effective cancer treatment”, with content like “acid cancer cells, eating alkaline foods will set up cancer cells ”, and said that if you don’t eat fish meat, powdered sugar, cancer cells will die without the intervention of modern medicine. Content like […]

Google was agreed by the US government to continue testing gesture sensors using radar technology

One beautiful day you can raise your finger to not press the invisible buttons or lightly rub two fingers to re-replace the control knob. That is the future where Soli’s gesture sensors using Google’s radar technology have just been approved by the US government for further testing.      The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has officially […]

Will Facebook Messenger have a Dark Mode interface?

Jane Manchun Wong, a female programmer who plays in the background to find secrets, has discovered that Facebook is developing a Dark Mode interface for Messenger chat application. According to Wong, this feature is only limited to a limited number of countries and is still incomplete. It is not clear in which countries the Dark […]

Many popular applications send user information to Facebook

Not only Apps that are dating or health training apps, according to Privacy International, point out that about 20 of the 34 popular apps on Android have been and are “silently”. send sensitive data of users to Facebook, some examples: Kayak; MyFitnessPal; Skyscanner; TripAdvisor; … These applications will analyze the data and send it, even […]

Mark Zuckerberg looked back at Facebook 2018: We changed, we promised

The year 2018 is coming to an end, not only is it Exquisite to look back on this year through # TT18 that Facebook also does that and CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself has written a long article about a challenging year of social networking The largest in the world. In fact, 2018 can be considered […]

40% of users no longer trust delivery of information to Facebook

Last week, following a long chain of security scandals, the New York Times announced that Facebook allowed more than 150 other companies to access personal data of more than 2 billion Facebook users. These companies have both Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix and Spotify … Recently, an investigation conducted by Toluna, asked 1,000 random people about the […]

Why does Facebook meet security scandals and no one removes the app, deletes the account?

After a lot of security scandals and scandals about Facebook users’ personal information, many people thought about removing the account deletion app to avoid continuing to “donate” data to Facebook to get rich. If you say Facebook is having a bit of trouble, it will be said to reduce too much to say, because there […]