The Korean hacker cheated a Chilean, taking control of the country’s ATM system

If you do not know, in order to source foreign currency to develop a nuclear weapons program, North Korea uses hackers as well as tricks to steal money from banks and organizations around the world. Their latest victim is Redbanc, whose bank is responsible for controlling and operating ATM systems in Chile. All these funny […]

Ransomware users “Ryuk” pocket more than $ 3.7 million thanks to extortion

On December 29, 2018, those who want to buy paper newspapers in the US such as the LA Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal or many other newspapers are unable to achieve their goals. The reason is that a type of malware called Ryuk attacked the system of Tribune Publishing, the agency that hosts […]

British Hacker knocked down the internet in Liberia

In 2016, British hacker Daniel Kaye attacked the server of an African telecommunications company called Lonestar. During the attack, he accidentally caused the transmission of the entire West African nation of Liberia. Currently, Judge Blackfriars Crown sentenced Kaye to 32 months in prison. NCA, the British homeland security agency, said it could be the most […]

Biometric technology scans the blood vessels that pass through the face with a waxed hand

Modern biometric security technology is now more than just unlocking your phone or tablet with technologies like Face ID or Touch ID, but security vendors have turned to vascular scanning technology. Under fingers rely on infrared LED and image sensor instead of fingerprint reader as before.      The idea of ​​this technology will be completely […]