Apple Watch and iPhone may have built-in toxic gas detection sensors

The Apple Watch or even the iPhone in the future can identify toxic gases in the environment to warn users because Apple has just received a patent that allows the integration of a tiny sensor that recognizes gas input. these devices. CO is one of the toxic gases Apple is concerned about, it is colorless, […]

FDA Commissioner: If e-cigarette use rates among young people do not decrease, it will be banned

Recently, Scott Gottlieb, FDA commissioner, the US Food and Drug Administration said, e-cigarettes are creating a threat yet there is no way to solve it. While products such as vape or pod mods have helped long-time addicts to quit old habits, it creates a new problem: young people addicted to nicotine from the products themselves. […]

Does activated carbon help whiten teeth?

Activ charcoal has been used in life and medicine for a long time thanks to its high absorption capacity, often used to deodorize, purify water, filter air … for major medicine used. in cases of gastrointestinal poisoning. Activated carbon has a very large contact area, estimated at only 1 gram of activated carbon with an […]

15 charts describe human achievements in 2018

2018 cannot be called a perfect year for people all over the world. But in the middle of a turbulent year, there are still many good news coming from environmental or health aspects. Below is a summary of 15 charts showing those positive changes. Environment The worst news about the environment of 2018 is the […]

[Infographic] Tips to help you drink more water, improve health!

Have you ever felt exhausted even though you have rested enough? The reason may be that you don’t drink enough water every day. Science has proven we will be healthier when drinking enough water. To know more about the benefits of water for the body and some simple tips to provide enough water every day, […]

# CES19: Slighter, cigarette lighters control smoking, have a timer to prevent you from smoking innocence

Quitting the drug is quite difficult, this I know. But recently at CES 2019, a startup from Lebanon named Slighter introduced their latest product, a lighter with a countdown timer to control the amount of cigarettes you use every day. This is not really a way to detox, but at the very least, smoking fewer […]

The author of cancer treatment books with alkalinity lost the lawsuit, had to pay 105 million dollars for patients

The last few days I have seen on Facebook are a few articles sharing “effective cancer treatment”, with content like “acid cancer cells, eating alkaline foods will set up cancer cells ”, and said that if you don’t eat fish meat, powdered sugar, cancer cells will die without the intervention of modern medicine. Content like […]

[Research] When you’re sad, your immune system may have a problem

According to a new study conducted by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, the fact that people experience negative emotions with high frequency, such as sadness, anxiety or anger can be a sign for Seeing that the human immune system is running at full capacity, and health is showing signs of badness. Scientists have […]

# CES19: FasTeesH introduces a Y-Brush brush, brushing teeth clean for 10 seconds

Normally, dentists recommend that you brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, 2 minutes at a time to get as clean as possible, but that’s with a regular toothbrush. Recently a French company called FasTeesH introduced a new product that will be released at CES 2019 with the name Y-Brush, with the advertisement […]