# Tet19: Sa Dec flower village on Tet holiday

In recent years, the name “Sa Dec flower village” is no longer strange to you. I stopped here for the third time, still feeling like it. I like the part because of the freshness and the typical setting, the rest mainly comes from the people here. I feel familiar every time I come here. I […]

Is the “10 years challenge” movement for Facebook to get information for the face recognition system?

In the last few days if your hard-working brothers surfed Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you would have been overpriced with pictures comparing your friends’ faces 10 years ago and now watching them for a decade. how people change. I have a small conspiracy theory for you to exchange weekends: Facebook created this trend to stimulate […]

Distinguish two options “High quality” and “Original” on Google Photos – How is the image compressed?

Google Photos is an extremely great multi-platform service that allows us to store, sync ALL images to it with any format, device. Emphasis on the word is all because: Google Photos can allow users to store unlimited images, with a small feature as follows. If you want to upload and unload unlimited stations, users have […]

Invite to share photos of New Year’s Eve 2019: Gifts 3 Sen To Wallet

Invite brothers to participate in sharing photos taken in the eve of the Eve of December 31, 2018- January 1, 2019. It can be a warm moment with relatives, or a lively atmosphere at street events, can be any image that you want to share with people in this new year . I have 3 […]

TOP TIME Magazine’s TIME Magazine Press Releases – Part 1

The year 2018 is full of turmoil, ranging from tragedy to celebrations, from promising beginnings to gloomy adventures, between adversity and conflict, inspiring moments. exists: the royal wedding is evidence of a modern marriage; or the image of an Olympic athlete flying spectacular .. We see many students injured in bloody classes and witnessed California […]