Instagram claims not to intervene in interactive algorithms

Recently the Instagram user community spread an information & quot; only 7% of people following an account have access to the post & quot; And this is making it difficult for artists who want to convey their work to many people, small traders or simply want to get more & quot; Like & quot ;. […]

Record the most liked photo on Instagram: 26 million chicken eggs!

There is no need to capture in dangerous places, taking a photo of famous people or pretty girls, but just a simple egg can get nearly 26 million likes on Instagram and become the most liked photo. on this social network as of now. Previously, the most liked image position on Instagram belonged to Kylie […]

Use Siri Shortcut to download Instagram images extremely quickly

Those who join Instagram must have had a few times to worry about how to save a beautiful picture on this social network. Instagram currently only allows users to like or save on their collection. Today I will guide you to use Siri shortcut to download any photo on Instagram and save it directly into […]

App Instagram accidentally released a new feature, swipe left or tap to move the post (removed)

After the last 8 years Instagram has also changed the way users view posts, we now touch the right or swipe left to see but not the & quot; Scroll down & quot; Swipe from bottom up. Update : My Instagram has returned to its old usage (swipe from the top to surf the post) […]