British Hacker knocked down the internet in Liberia

In 2016, British hacker Daniel Kaye attacked the server of an African telecommunications company called Lonestar. During the attack, he accidentally caused the transmission of the entire West African nation of Liberia. Currently, Judge Blackfriars Crown sentenced Kaye to 32 months in prison. NCA, the British homeland security agency, said it could be the most […]

Larry Roberts, “grandfather of the Internet”, died at the age of 81

Today we have lost one of the first architects to lay the foundation for the current Internet system: Larry Roberts, the best known for managing the ARPAnet program (the predecessor of the internet), passed away on December 26 at the age of 81. Although his name is not as prominent as Tim Berners-Lee or Vint […]

Why does Facebook meet security scandals and no one removes the app, deletes the account?

After a lot of security scandals and scandals about Facebook users’ personal information, many people thought about removing the account deletion app to avoid continuing to “donate” data to Facebook to get rich. If you say Facebook is having a bit of trouble, it will be said to reduce too much to say, because there […]

New York requires Internet service providers to be transparent in speeding advertising

We live in an era where things are often overly advertised, and one of them is the speed of internet services. To avoid this situation, New York City has asked internet providers to be transparent in introducing package speeds. Specifically, the service providers must prove that the speed they advertise is accurate by the tests, […]