Share your Japanese travel experience on your own

After booking a return ticket for VietJetAir, I prepared the paperwork and decided to apply for the Visa application at the Japanese Embassy. After additional lack of arrival and departure date. The total number of visa days and supplementary documents is 14 days (normally only 10 days). If your Passport has no Visa to G7 […]

Japan left the International Whale Commission, continued commercial whaling in 2019

On December 26, Japan announced that it would leave IWC, the International Whale Commission to continue commercial fishing of the animal. Although this is the country’s backward step in the conservation of marine animals, the Japanese side also said it would not hold an annual fishing event in Antarctica as in 2017, killing 333 whales. […]

Japan thinks smartphones reduce students’ eyesight

According to a recent survey by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the number of students with vision below 1.0 (equivalent to 10/10 in Vietnam) is at the highest level ever. now is 25.3%. The government thinks the cause comes from students using smartphones to play games too much. More than 67% […]