Photo set: Experience tranquility meditation in the mountains, taken with Minox 35GT

About two years ago, like anyone in this life, I had a period of really slumped and besieged by a lot of pressure. Quite impotent in finding solutions, I decided to go to the mountain to attend a short-term short-term meditation course of life and technological equipment, including a phone that always carries people. But […]

Photos made the name of Elliott Erwitt – NAG Magnum Photos

Elliott Erwitt is a world famous documentary and advertising photographer from New York. He was born in Paris in 1928 and this year is 90 years old. During World War II, the Erwitt family moved to the United States and it was there that he chose to become a professional photographer. Elliott began being a […]

Featured photos of 2018 made by Magnum Photos

At the end of the old year at the beginning of the new year, it is always a time for the community to admire countless photographs from big newspapers, photo organizations or annual awards of firms. One of the collections of five photography lovers cannot be missed is the series of legendary Photo Organization Magnum […]

No photo of frozen lake: It’s not like you think!

Recently on Reddit, photographer Josh Nukem has posted a & quot; no photo & quot; Capture landscapes of frozen lakes in cold winter. But it is surprising that the author of this picture shared that this is just a normal photo of him taking water holes on the ground with his iPhone 8 Plus. This […]

New year, let’s kiss! – Photos Magnum Photos

Kisses are always a symbol of the world for the sacred emotion called Love. In some Western countries, making a momentary kiss with someone you love or with anyone next to you is a method of good luck as well as a & quot; guarantee & quot; a new year is not lonely. The Exquisite […]