Microsoft’s Bing search engine is blocked in China

Microsoft has confirmed that the Bing search engine is currently not accessible to users in China. Although the cause is unknown, some sources said it was a Chinese government’s blocking order. Information that the Chinese government has directed the blocking of the Bing search engine from China Telecom, the government-owned carrier. Microsoft is currently working […]

Microsoft wants Cortana to play with Alexa, Google and not rivals

Although Cortana’s new mission is no different from the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, the recent statement by Microsoft CEO somewhat hinted that Cortana would not be the competitor of the two names. In contrast, Microsoft wants Cortana to be a part of Alexa or Google Assistant, just like the way Microsoft did before when […]

Microsoft continues to develop Windows for the company’s folding screen devices and other OEMs

Microsoft is looking for ways to make Windows work on devices with foldable screens. This information is very popular with The Verge from a source close to the company and accordingly, Microsoft is looking to invest more in folding devices or 2-screen devices on both Windows and Surface. Specifically, they will find ways to get […]

Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 within a year

Since its launch in 2009, it has now been 9 years for Windows 7, but there are still a large number of users still running this operating system. Microsoft has just announced it will stop providing free updates and support for Windows 7, it is also a time for us to upgrade the new operating […]

How did Microsoft lose the market share of web browsers to competitors?

Microsoft decided to move Edge’s page engine to Blink from the Chromium open source project like Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave … with the aim of reducing the fragmentation of the web world, bringing a better experience to people. use and programmers and also a way to retain users with Edge – the default browser on […]

Microsoft disables Cortana during Windows installation according to user feedback

Microsoft said it will default to the virtual assistant Cortana during Windows installation, based on user feedback. Although designed to support, the virtual assistant Cortana constantly interrupts the installation process to provide information & quot; you have known for a long time & quot; It caused a lot of trouble for users. Microsoft only applies […]

Stock prices fell, dragging Apple’s first market capitalization to less than $ 700 billion since 2/2017

Apple’s stock price at the end of Monday’s trading session has dropped by 2.6%, dragging its market capitalization for the first time to below $ 700 billion. This is the first time since February 10, 2017, the company’s value has reached below VND 700 billion. Currently, Apple’s stock price is $ 146 /share, down 36.7% […]