Mobifone will free trial of 5G network in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi

During Mobifone’s testing of 5G network in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, you will be able to use this technology for free. Mobifone has applied for 5G testing since late September last year and is currently working with equipment suppliers to prepare for the project. Mobifone expects that 5G devices will arrive in Vietnam […]

Test eSIM (Vinaphone) with international iPhone Xs Max

Testing Vinaphone eSIM shows that registering a SIM card is simpler and faster than using a traditional sim quite a lot. In terms of network speed, voice and text quality is very smooth, not lost. eSIM also brings a lot of other values ​​not only good for users, for phone carriers, operators and also for […]

Android Q will have many features for operators to force you to use their network

The source code for the new Android version (Android Q) suggests that Google will allow the network to lock a device with a fixed SIM card, which will cause the models & lock; becomes more difficult to unlock. One of the new features is that Android can create a list of allowed /not allowed operators […]

Western – China telecommunications war, and direct consequences: Huawei

China and the West are running a telecommunications technology race in the near future, through 5G technology. Experts predict that 5G not only helps speed up the internet connection of users of devices, but also allows us to connect with each other much better than at the present time, when 4G is still popular. And […]

[Video] Activate eSIM Viettel network on iPhone XR in Vietnam

A very clear video just posted on Youtube showed that it was possible to activate the eSIM provided by Viettel in Vietnam. In the video that was shot at Viettel, a girlfriend guided step by step to enable this feature on an iPhone XR 2 SIM (1 physical, 1 eSIM). Basically, users after registration will […]

5G network generation: the basic things that you need to know

4G is connecting the current standard in our technology life, but the world and mobile companies have started to develop 5G already and promise this is our future. Most of us are still only imagining 5G as the next generation of 4G, this topic I would like to say a few basic things about 5G […]

Are you using iOS 12.1.2? Do you have any problems with the mobile network?

Many users of iOS 12.1.2 complain that they are often disconnected from the mobile network after upgrading to this update. Instead of displaying the wave column, the iPhone now only displays the words & quot; No Service & quot; or & quot; Searching & quot ;. It seems that this situation affects many different types […]