Office 365 has gone to the Mac App Store, now you’ll download Office faster and easier

Microsoft has just put its Office 365 application suite on the Mac App Store, which means that every time you need to download or update this app, you just need to go to Store to see it, no need to rummage around. Google or the Microsoft website to find the installer. Of course, after downloading […]

Already have iOS 12.1.3 fix many bugs for iPhone, iPad, HomePod, download brother

Apple has just released iOS 12.1.3 update to fix many bugs for iPhone, iPad and HomePod. Details are as follows: Fix the app Messages error when standing over images in Details screen Fix image errors that may be streaked when pressing Share on iOS button Fix distorted sound errors when exporting audio out with iPad […]

# Tet19: How many articles did you post in Mau Tuat year, discussing with how many people?

In preparation for the happy end of the year, we have made a feature for you to review in the last Year of the Dog, how you interacted with Subtlety. Just go to , you will see the data Interesting synthesis. The number of readings has just started tracking recently so it will be […]

Apple is selling off its 32GB and 128GB iPhones, offering discounts from $ 100 to $ 150

Last September, Apple stopped selling iPhone X, iPhone SE and iPhone 6s after they launched the new XS series. But this week Apple has been quietly reselling iPhone SE in its repositories. This 2016 smartphone comes in 32GB and 128GB versions, Apple is now offering a $ 100 rebate for the 32GB version and $ […]

[Review] Tourism is self-sufficient in Koh Phi Phi island – Thailand, heavenly paradise!

[Review] Travel to Koh Phi Phi island – Thailand, paradise paradise! by Military Tree Da – December 27, 2016 * All clips and real photos! * /notes /military-tree-multi /review-tour-self-island-koh-phi-138/921092368602579 / When speaking Thailand, many people often go to Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Krabi, .. and the name Koh Phi Phi seems to be […]

Apple is developing a new strap for Apple Watch, changing the color to match the dress?

Apple is working on a new patent on the Apple Watch, which is expected to be released with Apple Watch Series 5, which in particular can change color to match the wearer’s wear and context. Only a few steps to select colors at the iPhone Watch app. The patent describes a strap made of fabric […]

Do you think it’s time to clean up the Android tablet?

In recent years, Google has hardly launched any new features for the Android tablet, and they no longer promote Android tablets. Products from Huawei, Samsung and Lenovo are sometimes introduced on schedule, but it seems that these are just making machines for enough, full range of products, not many business meanings. The first tablets were […] invite brothers to ask questions, support other friends about buying headphones, speakers, staging machines

Sophisticated has a page for you to buy audio equipment, such as speakers, headsets, music discs that can be … . In the near future we will open a separate page like the Refinement Car so that you will have a place to watch things about audio, not to be confused with other places, […]

# Tet19: ask you to consult the PC screen, the need to play FPS, racing games, design Solid, CAD

The device is configured to i5-8400 and 1070Ti My needs are fps, racing, solid design, cad You can advise to help me with a screen of about 27 “, 144Hz, durable 1 inch of 8-10tr price range. Curved or straight screen also

# Tet19: Have you purchased train tickets, car tickets, and flight tickets to return home to celebrate Tet? What service do you use?

Did you start buying air tickets, trains, and tickets to return home to celebrate Tet? Invite people to share ticket booking services /webpages that people use for reference. I’ll start first: + Flight tickets: I most often use Traveloka, I like Traveloka because they are usually cheaper or more than book directly on the airline’s […]