List of 2018 highest revenue games: Fortnite tops, PUBG earns more than billion dollars

Unlike two years ago, when PUBG appeared and stormed the world and Vietnam game market, in 2018, Fortnite was clearly the most attractive game in the world. Superdata’s numbers also prove this, when out of more than $ 3 billion in revenue Fortnite makes for Epic Games, only in 2018 did the game sell $ […]

AppStore and Googleplay 2018: Apple makes more money, Google downloads more

The app market is Apple and Google ‘s gold mine, over the past year, the total amount of users spent on games and applications increased by 22.7% over the previous year, reaching $ 71.3 billion for the total. two. And it is not surprising that Apple continues to lead in revenue from Apple Store compared […]

Fortnite has achieved sales of USD 455 million in 2018, calculated only on the App Store on iOS

Fortnite is a special game and 2018 is Fortnite’s glorious year when playing on the mobile platform, the game has achieved half a billion dollars in revenue, that’s only on iOS user ecosystem. This was beyond the expectations of Epic Games developer, when in early 2018 they expected Fortnite Mobile (both iOS and Android) to […]

The trend of large-size TVs over 60 inches is increasingly popular

According to IHS Markit statistics, TV sales of over 60 inches in the third quarter of 2018 increased by 40% over the same period last year. This shows that users are increasingly enjoying the big TV trends and the advantages they bring. The average size of TV in the third quarter of 2018 has increased […]

RBC: Google earned nearly 3 billion dollars in profits from hardware sales in 2018

According to estimates from market research firm RBC Capital Markets, Google earned $ 2.98 billion in profits thanks to hardware sales in 2018. Of which, $ 1.78 billion came from the sale of equipment. Pixel, including Pixel smartphone, Pixel Book and Pixel Slate. In addition, Google Home devices also have the highest growth rate in […]