On hand and donated Samsung SGH-M300: the lid that year we used to pursue

Now, the children ‘s childhood is smartphones, touch screens & quot; lighters & quot ;, & quot; ticks & quot ;. Nearly ten years ago, childhood was a & quot; perverted & quot; – close the lid or slide. The flip phones – that slide was the dream of many people. It is true that […]

Best Selfie Camera Review from DxOMark: Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Immediately after launching the Camera Selfie evaluation process, DXOMark announced the results of this process by listing a list of 12 phones stretching from the mainstream to flagship models. The Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 together hold 92 points at the top of the final summary. Despite the same score, the details […]

Statistics show that Android phones are getting faster and faster updates

If using Android but want to be updated as quickly as possible, it is clear that the Google Pixel line or devices running Android One is an extremely reasonable choice for you. However, in the current Android phone world, most companies are still quite slow to distribute new updates to users, the reason is that […]

Galaxy S10 performance point leak version uses Exynos 9820: 4382 single-core and 9570 multi-core

Again the Galaxy S10 performance score leaked on the GeekBench system, this time the S10 version using Samsung’s own Exynos 9820. Considering only single and multi-core scores, we find it quite impressive with 4382 single-point and 9570 multi-core points, but in the age of smartphone configuration is too saturated, perhaps these scores only bring reference […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 + high-end version will use ceramic cover, 12GB RAM, 1TB ROM, the price can be up to 1500 dollars

& quot; Unlike the normal Galaxy S10 version, which only uses two main materials, metal and glass, the most advanced version of the S10 + will have a ceramic back, but will be improved like a metal, enhancing resistance. more durable and scratched. This S10 + will have a configuration of 12GB of RAM, 1TB […]

This is a Motorola RAZR 2019 phone with a folding screen launched in February?

Motorola has just filed a patent on a folding screen phone simulating the legendary Motorola RAZR, and looks like this is a $ 1500 machine they were heard last week . The image in this patent shows a very thin device, a slightly dwarf shape (but when it comes to commercial products, it is normal […]

Samsung launches the M Series low-end Smartphone, focusing on the Indian market

Samsung confirmed that it will launch 2 smartphones under the M series, which are Galaxy M10 and M20, first launched in India on January 28 and will be officially released on February 5. This is a low-cost Smartphone, accessible to mid-end users, designed with water droplets, thin edges, as well as large battery integration. The […]

The Bluetooth chip does not use batteries, taking energy from air waves to operate

Not only is the size and thickness the size of a stamp, the wifi chip developed by Wilson is also special in that it does not use the battery to operate but instead, it will “suck” the energy from the radio frequency. In the surrounding environment, such as Wifi waves, Bluetooth and even mobile waves […]

[Leaks] Screen stickers will make the S10 fingerprint sensor not work!

A not so good news for Samfan: according to the latest leaked information, the fingerprint sensor under the screen of the Galaxy S10 will not work when users use screen protector. Earlier, many sources said that the S10 and S10 + duo will be integrated with fingerprint scanning security mechanism hidden under the screen using […]

Banner for Samsung Unpacked 2019 event confirmed will officially launch a folding phone?

Samsung’s Unpacked event will officially take place on February 20 and Samsung’s huge billboards have begun to appear on buildings in Paris. Interestingly, these advertisements use Korean to show, including the phrase “the future unfolds & quot; – future opens and & quot; February 20 & quot; – February 20. And rest assured that these […]