China admits it still does not know how to use new generation weapons developed by itself

Although it claims to have developed a lot of high-tech military hardware, including new generation fighters, electromagnetic guns, … but it turns out that the Chinese military, including their military doctrine, has not yet able to use these weapons. Even an elite brigade with the latest advanced weapons but still lost in a battle exercise, […]

Learn the “fake death” phenomenon in the animal world

The phenomenon of death and death is quite common in the animal world. You can see typical of the Oposum weasel, when attacked by a brutal predator and no way to escape, they will roll themselves unmoving, stick their tongue, drool and deflect the extremely rotten solution from anal. These disgusting things make the attacker […]

China claims to study creating two genetically modified babies that are illegal

At the end of November 2018, scientist He Jiankui of the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen announced the controversial work: He and his colleagues created two newborn babies immune to HIV thanks to CRISPR system, interfering with CCR5 gene right on the fetus. This work has caused the world community to stir […]

Why is there an atomic submarine without an atomic plane?

The US Navy recently submitted a plan to ask the US Congress for $ 139 billion to upgrade their nuclear submarine fleet. Unlike submarines that run conventional fuels, have to float to the surface frequently to refuel, nuclear submarines can operate for several consecutive decades at high speeds under the sea. According to design drawings […]

Racism, who discovered double helix DNA was stripped of all titles at the age of 90

Respected by the world, James Watson, a prestigious Nobel laureate by discovering the double helix structure of the DNA sequence from the 1950s, is suddenly expelled from the laboratory. age beyond 90 just because of a racist comment. In a talk in the documentary entitled “American Masters: Decoding Watson” aired on January 2, James Watson […]

How was the first empire in human history collapsed because of climate change?

Now if you type the phrase “first empire in history” into Google, it will show you the answer is the Akkadian Empire. The Akkad Empire is located in the ancient Mesopotamia region, now the Near East. It existed more than 4,000 years ago, uniting independent, unified cities of both Akkadian and Sumerian people under King […]

[Research] When you’re sad, your immune system may have a problem

According to a new study conducted by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, the fact that people experience negative emotions with high frequency, such as sadness, anxiety or anger can be a sign for Seeing that the human immune system is running at full capacity, and health is showing signs of badness. Scientists have […]

[Video] How many sugar in each cup of milk tea do you drink?

Only a glass of jasmine tea or lemon green tea contains nearly 10 tablespoons, a glass of “standard” pearl milk tea contains more than 100 grams equivalent to 20 tablespoons …. That is the result of measurement with specialized laboratory equipment conducted by scientists. The clip below describes the process of testing six different types […]

The brains of 3 people are successfully connected to each other, can share thoughts

Not only successfully connected 3 brains of 3 people but scientists can also help them share their thoughts and play Tetris puzzle together. Not only that, scientists also believe that this model can expand into a “brain network” of many people connected to each other and not only directly in place but also can connect […]

Science explains human “cute faint” behavior

If you see cats, puppies or cute little boys and girls who want to pinch or want to bite, it is purely a normal reflex of the brain, and science has also proved the reason come to think like this. According to psychologist Katherine Stavropoulos of the University of California, about half of all adults […]