Top US universities simultaneously removed Huawei telecom equipment

Top US universities are simultaneously eliminating telecommunications equipment from Huawei and other Chinese companies. This is a consequence of NDAA national security law, cutting government funding for organizations using Chinese telecommunications equipment. The US government believes that telecommunications devices from Huawei and Chinese companies are a threat to security, allowing the Chinese government to track […]

Ransomware users “Ryuk” pocket more than $ 3.7 million thanks to extortion

On December 29, 2018, those who want to buy paper newspapers in the US such as the LA Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal or many other newspapers are unable to achieve their goals. The reason is that a type of malware called Ryuk attacked the system of Tribune Publishing, the agency that hosts […]

Face test unlocked on 100 smartphones: 42 phones only need to open the camera

After the iPhone X launched, Android OS phones also tried to apply unlock technology by recognizing faces into their products. However, not all face recognition technology is created in a similar way. If Huawei and Samsung use face recognition technology to combine both hardware and software, others will simply identify the face of a camera-based […]

# CES19: Apple troll other Android firms about privacy is not guaranteed

Apple has long not participated in the CES 2019 consumer electronics and technology exhibition, but this year it still trolls other companies to attend CES with a big ad, “What’s happening on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone & quot ;. This sentence means that what happens on the iPhone will be kept on your […]

Los Angeles Prosecutor: “The Weather Channel automatically collects user location information”

According to Los Angeles prosecutor in the lawsuit filed with the California state court on Thursday, The Weather Channel’s weather app forced millions of users to provide personal location information. for commercial use. Currently in the US, The Weather Channel app is the most widely used weather forecast app on iOS devices, owning more than […]

Mark Zuckerberg looked back at Facebook 2018: We changed, we promised

The year 2018 is coming to an end, not only is it Exquisite to look back on this year through # TT18 that Facebook also does that and CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself has written a long article about a challenging year of social networking The largest in the world. In fact, 2018 can be considered […]

Biometric technology scans the blood vessels that pass through the face with a waxed hand

Modern biometric security technology is now more than just unlocking your phone or tablet with technologies like Face ID or Touch ID, but security vendors have turned to vascular scanning technology. Under fingers rely on infrared LED and image sensor instead of fingerprint reader as before.      The idea of ​​this technology will be completely […]

China hacked IBM and HPE, stealing confidential information of customers

According to Reuters, hackers working for the China Security Bureau attacked the networks of IBM and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), then collided to continue hacking partners of the two corporations. What is part of China’s Cloudhopper campaign targeting service providers and robbing confidential information from their customers. Although security agencies and government intelligence agencies have […]