Camera Subtle: Video & images of year-end exchanges, workshops of Mr. Hafoto

Year-end meeting of the camera community The subtle community ended in a warm and happy atmosphere at the exquisite Cafe. The exchange has the contribution of Admin and Mod Camera, friends and community members with open sharing and exchange to develop the forum in a more useful way. Besides, Mr. Ha Foto’s participation and sharing […]

# Tet19: A basic guide for selecting air-conditioned machines for the Lunar New Year in 2019

With a huge number of great promotions, the Lunar New Year 2019 is a great time for you to buy air conditioner (air conditioner) for long-term use. And in this article I will guide you the basics when choosing a family air conditioner. Instructions table Room /volume definitions Room length x room width = room […]

Share the power cord tip, cable through any pipe hole …

I want to share with you how to wire, cable through any tube hole in the simplest way. Brothers often do projects, go to wire cables, network cables when having problems with wires, cables that at the urgent time do not think of ways to handle and prepare will take time for you. Today I […]

[Share] 5 popular online content viewing apps on Android TV

This article I will introduce to you 5 popular online content viewing applications on Android TV, so that you and your family can consider enjoying the 2019 Tet holiday. Some are free, some are free. but basically it is reasonable compared to the experience that these services bring.      In the video I use the […]

The reason why I chose Apple Watch in front of a diverse Smartwatch market

Today the Smartwatch market is very popular, both men and women have a smart watch option to wear instead of traditional metal and electronic watches. Not only in terms of smart convenience, Smartwatch is also a tool to assist our health through heart rate sensors, GPS, measuring calories, … Fitbit and Garmin are very good […]

[Share] How to quickly fix mobile network connection error on iOS 12.1.2

Recently, iOS 12.1.2 version is being complained much about mobile network connection or 4G data loss of many people in the world, in Vietnam, I have not met any brothers who use iPhone with this situation. , my iPhone itself runs well IOS 12.1.2 update: Fix eSIM errors on iPhone XR, XS and XS Max […]