Pope Francis supports the application to pray together by phone

Pope Francis recently approved a phone application called ClickToPray that allows users to post prayers, share and press the “pray” button (similar to Facebook’s like button) to work together. At the weekly sermon from the window overlooking St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis called on everyone below to download and start using the ClickToPray application to […]

Mark Zuckerberg looked back at Facebook 2018: We changed, we promised

The year 2018 is coming to an end, not only is it Exquisite to look back on this year through # TT18 that Facebook also does that and CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself has written a long article about a challenging year of social networking The largest in the world. In fact, 2018 can be considered […]

40% of users no longer trust delivery of information to Facebook

Last week, following a long chain of security scandals, the New York Times announced that Facebook allowed more than 150 other companies to access personal data of more than 2 billion Facebook users. These companies have both Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix and Spotify … Recently, an investigation conducted by Toluna, asked 1,000 random people about the […]

Why does Facebook meet security scandals and no one removes the app, deletes the account?

After a lot of security scandals and scandals about Facebook users’ personal information, many people thought about removing the account deletion app to avoid continuing to “donate” data to Facebook to get rich. If you say Facebook is having a bit of trouble, it will be said to reduce too much to say, because there […]

# TT18: Five scandals of Facebook, entertainment trends like TikTok and privacy issues

This year is not a good year for Facebook and many other social networks. Facebook has experienced the most thunderstorm since its establishment, both technically, users and legal. Google also encountered many problems with Google+, which forced the company to shut down this social network after a while of life & quot; fluttering & quot […]