DTS: X high quality audio technology will be available on TV streams 2020

DTS and Mediatek have just announced the DTS: X audio processor chip solution for TV, and promises to be an indispensable part of high-end TVs in 2020. DTS: X helps users experience sound High quality through online services, and optimized for standard 4K IMAX Enchanced movies. DTS: X is part of the Enhanced IMAX standard […]

# Tet19: Something about Sony OLED TVs – more and more accessible and image-optimized trends

Although not attracting as much attention as Z9G, recently at CES 2019 Sony has also launched two new OLED TV series: Bravia A8G and Master Series A9G. If 8K is representative of the future trend, the duo shows that 4K OLED TVs are increasingly accessible as well as optimizing image quality by service that promises […]

# Tet19: In-ear models are under 1 million to listen to music on Tet

In-ear headphones are an indispensable accessory for many of you, including me. I always back up an in-ear with me because of its mobility and convenience. Although today the phone models are gradually discarding the 3.5mm port, I think there are still many other devices that still have this port like computers and laptops, so […]

Sony launches AIBO robot version Choco version, priced at 1800 USD and service fee of 27 USD / month

Sony has just launched the Choco version of Aibo robot dog, inspired by the brown dogs out of life replacing the white dog as the original. Currently, Aibo is only sold in Japan at a price of up to 1800 USD, with a service fee of 27 USD /month.      AIBO is the famous robot […]

Sony’s new Flagship will have 3 cameras, a 21: 9 aspect ratio screen, called Xperia N1?

Sony will launch its next Flagship Smartphone, according to the leaked image, which has a rather long 21: 9 aspect ratio screen, the small dash icon at the bottom shows that the device will work similarly to Google. Pixel, and chances are Sony will name it Xperia N1 About Camera, on Weibo, information is leaked […]

Sony is the company that provides 48MP sensors for Honor and Xiaomi, combining 4 pixels as 1 for better shooting

Honor View 20 is a mole-screen phone and 48MP camera that was revealed in late December , now the property Full publication of product details. Honor View 20 uses an image sensor provided by Sony. When it comes to full light, it uses up to 48 megapixels to capture images for extremely high resolution. But […]

# Tet19: Candy and candy speaker models for brothers love to sing on the occasion of Tet

The coming certainly has a lot of needs to sing for fun. Currently there are many candy and candy speaker products on the market, but I am not clear about the quality and features of those products, so in this article, I only introduce branded products. The cost of these products also spreads with many […]

# Tet19: Instructions for choosing a TV for Sony’s favorite brand

Sony is one of the most popular TV brands of Vietnamese users as well as having a lot of fans on Tinh Te. However choosing the right name in Sony’s wide range of products is not easy, but it is difficult to keep the Lunar New Year 2019 guide you : D Preparing steps You […]

# Tet19: Share the entertainment “ton sur ton” Sony to play FIFA 19 in Tinh Te

For example, this time, Sony sent through an entertainment system “quot; For reference, I am ready to share it so that everyone who needs to upgrade to play Tet. In general, the criteria here are 4K big TVs, large sound bars, play PS4 games (mostly compared to FIFA 19, and have recently learned to be […]

# Tet19: Advice on buying Tet food for Sony fans

Tet is coming soon, we only have less than 1 month to prepare for the traditional Tet holiday, around this time we have started preparing for Tet such as shopping, preparing travel calendar … but there are many people who intend to invest for themselves to buy a new camera to capture their first spring […]