# Tet19: Ways to transfer money right on Tet

In the days of Tet, the demand for money transfer has skyrocketed. When you go home, you will transfer money to your family first so that you will not have to take along the cash department, and then you buy and sell goods to increase the transaction to push the goods at the end of […]

# Tet19: Have you purchased train tickets, car tickets, and flight tickets to return home to celebrate Tet? What service do you use?

Did you start buying air tickets, trains, and tickets to return home to celebrate Tet? Invite people to share ticket booking services /webpages that people use for reference. I’ll start first: + Flight tickets: I most often use Traveloka, I like Traveloka because they are usually cheaper or more than book directly on the airline’s […]

[Android, iOS] # Tet19: clean up your phone to prepare for the new year with 3 simple steps

Preparing for Tet, outside cleaning the door, cleaning up the car, the phone is also something you need to clean up to make sure your device runs well and doesn’t run out of capacity in the middle of going to Tet. In this article, I summarize the most commonly used ways when you need to […]

[You may not know yet] Now has Fresh service “go shopping”, including gift baskets for this Tet holiday

Most of you are too familiar with ordering food and drinks via DeliveryNOW but not many people know and use other services of NOW, including Fresh service – & quot; shopping market & quot ;. Even in the upcoming Tet holiday, if you do not have time to buy Tet gift baskets, you can also […]