# Tet19: Sa Dec flower village on Tet holiday

In recent years, the name “Sa Dec flower village” is no longer strange to you. I stopped here for the third time, still feeling like it. I like the part because of the freshness and the typical setting, the rest mainly comes from the people here. I feel familiar every time I come here. I […]

# Tet19: Something about Sony OLED TVs – more and more accessible and image-optimized trends

Although not attracting as much attention as Z9G, recently at CES 2019 Sony has also launched two new OLED TV series: Bravia A8G and Master Series A9G. If 8K is representative of the future trend, the duo shows that 4K OLED TVs are increasingly accessible as well as optimizing image quality by service that promises […]

# Tet19: Should I buy a washing machine under 10 million? Information to know before choosing a washing machine

At the end of the year we want to replace the old washing machine that has been used for more than 10 years so I spent some time learning to buy a new machine and now want to share the experience with you, hoping to help you little much in choosing a suitable washing machine […]

# Tet19: Solution to quickly print images, logos on shirts, dark fabrics or gifts with low investment costs

Tet is here, not this weekend we have to make all year for Tinh brothers, we need some uniform for the group, so I stopped by True Color to ask for help to print some samples. This is also the place where previously mod Male _ Airblade14 went to experience and introduce, hand print solutions […]

Replace air filters for cars: leave them in a cleaner car, not foul

The air filter (airfilter) is responsible for protecting you from dust, dirt, microorganisms, allergens … This filter will block things on its surface, so when it has If you use it for a long time or stick to dust, the air passing through it will be more difficult, reducing the efficiency of the air conditioner […]

# Tet19: Share the popular beauty camera application

Beauty is an essential need of many people and it has almost no limits. So, even if AI has a smart smartphone, people still prefer beauty camera applications, taking more godly photos than AI’s natural beauty level. Well, not to mention the iPhone users do not have a beauty mode, so they often use it. […]

[You may not know yet] The power of the Schengen visa

Visa Schengen or we are called Visa Europe is not easy to get. But you may not know that the Schengen visa is one of the most powerful visas in the world. With it, you can enter 26 countries in Europe and several other countries, as well as enjoy the privileges of obtaining a visa […]

# Tet19: Invite each other to take Sa Dec Flower Village – Co Huynh Huynh Thuy House – Tangerine Garden – Friday 01/25

Invite brothers and sisters to register for the year-end offline photo shoot in Dong Thap. This is the time when the Sa Dec flower village is the most poised to prepare for the train to Saigon for Tet holiday. On the way, we will visit the Huynh Thuy Le house to listen to the story […]

# Tet19: A basic guide for selecting air-conditioned machines for the Lunar New Year in 2019

With a huge number of great promotions, the Lunar New Year 2019 is a great time for you to buy air conditioner (air conditioner) for long-term use. And in this article I will guide you the basics when choosing a family air conditioner. Instructions table Room /volume definitions Room length x room width = room […]

# Tet19: How many articles did you post in Mau Tuat year, discussing with how many people?

In preparation for the happy end of the year, we have made a feature for you to review in the last Year of the Dog, how you interacted with Subtlety. Just go to Tinhte.vn/2018review , you will see the data Interesting synthesis. The number of readings has just started tracking recently so it will be […]