# Tet19: Top 11 mobile Wi-Fi 4G transmitters worth buying in 2019

We only have about 16 days left to prepare for the traditional Tet, around this time you have started to prepare for Tet such as buying furniture, preparing to book a place to reunite with your family. or travel. But you also need to constantly update news or battle games during your free time in […]

[Crystal Camera] Year-end meeting & Attend Hafoto Workshop “Retouching photo tips online”

Camera Tinhte would like to invite you to join the meeting at the end of the year and join Hafoto’s Workshop with the theme: Procedure to retouch photos to upload on websites. This is the Offline /Workshop at the end of the lunar year of Lunar New Year preparing for Camera Tinhte. We will have […]

# Tet19: Candy and candy speaker models for brothers love to sing on the occasion of Tet

The coming certainly has a lot of needs to sing for fun. Currently there are many candy and candy speaker products on the market, but I am not clear about the quality and features of those products, so in this article, I only introduce branded products. The cost of these products also spreads with many […]

# Tet19: 7 simple, easy tips for new iPhone buyers

Near the end of the New Year, there are bonuses so many brothers upgrade their iPhones, or give someone or win an iPhone at the company’s annual party. This is the lesson for you, it will make it easier for you to use the machine and save time. 1. Open the closed tab in Safari […]

# Tet19: Sharing experiences to guide elderly people to use modern technology and electronics

On this Lunar New Year, maybe you will buy some good technology or electric appliances to give to your parents as gifts, or give to your aunts and uncles etc. And one of the most difficult stages is to guide Older people use things you just donated to them, rather than instructing adults how to […]

# Tet19 – What do you bring in your camera bag when taking photos?

& quot; If you do not bring it, you will be afraid of it. weary and weary, but sometimes not used to & quot ;. That is the situation of many brothers taking photos to share, about carrying anything for a trip. Myself, before, where to go is taking everything for sure; Now carry it […]

# Tet19: Instructions for cleaning and deodorizing helmet

Washing a helmet is always a topic that is of great interest to you, because it is an item we have to use every day. In Vietnam is a hot and humid tropical environment, the helmet is always sticky with sweat and easily produces bacteria and mold. There are many people who use helmets for […]

What is super app? Why do companies do super apps and why do you use super apps?

Super app is a phrase you often hear in the past 2 years, it is the app & quot; everything has a & quot; and there are some representatives in Vietnam, Now.vn and Grab, recently added GoViet. Why did they launch apps like this? Its role is huge, and it is both an ecosystem, a […]

What to prepare for traveling abroad

Share with you your experiences when traveling, working abroad so you have a more convenient trip, avoiding unnecessary troubles. Invite you to share more by commenting on the article I haven’t mentioned yet. Wish you have a good Tet trip : D Check passport, visa, deadline It must be possible to have a visa to […]

# Tet19: Instructions for choosing a TV for Sony’s favorite brand

Sony is one of the most popular TV brands of Vietnamese users as well as having a lot of fans on Tinh Te. However choosing the right name in Sony’s wide range of products is not easy, but it is difficult to keep the Lunar New Year 2019 guide you : D Preparing steps You […]