# Tet19: On hand Xiaomi bag Simple 90 unisex design, compact, waterproof, anti-robbery: price 350 thousand

This is a versatile crossover Xiaomi Simple 90 Minute Gen 3 version with spacious storage space, multiple compartments, lightweight materials, waterproof and unisex design fashion cost 350 thousand will be an impossible choice Ignore for you. Simple 90 Minute crossover bag: Perhaps many brothers who use cross-bags of Xiaomi brand also know about the previous […]

# Tet19: ask you to consult the PC screen, the need to play FPS, racing games, design Solid, CAD

The device is configured to i5-8400 and 1070Ti My needs are fps, racing, solid design, cad You can advise to help me with a screen of about 27 “, 144Hz, durable 1 inch of 8-10tr price range. Curved or straight screen also

# Tet19: Ways to transfer money right on Tet

In the days of Tet, the demand for money transfer has skyrocketed. When you go home, you will transfer money to your family first so that you will not have to take along the cash department, and then you buy and sell goods to increase the transaction to push the goods at the end of […]

# Tet19: Share the entertainment “ton sur ton” Sony to play FIFA 19 in Tinh Te

For example, this time, Sony sent through an entertainment system “quot; For reference, I am ready to share it so that everyone who needs to upgrade to play Tet. In general, the criteria here are 4K big TVs, large sound bars, play PS4 games (mostly compared to FIFA 19, and have recently learned to be […]

# Tet19: Have you purchased train tickets, car tickets, and flight tickets to return home to celebrate Tet? What service do you use?

Did you start buying air tickets, trains, and tickets to return home to celebrate Tet? Invite people to share ticket booking services /webpages that people use for reference. I’ll start first: + Flight tickets: I most often use Traveloka, I like Traveloka because they are usually cheaper or more than book directly on the airline’s […]

# Tet19: Advice on buying Tet food for Sony fans

Tet is coming soon, we only have less than 1 month to prepare for the traditional Tet holiday, around this time we have started preparing for Tet such as shopping, preparing travel calendar … but there are many people who intend to invest for themselves to buy a new camera to capture their first spring […]

Launching the # Tet19 season, invite you to consult useful content on Tet

From today on, it will begin to have many articles related to Tet theme and some activities for our brothers and sisters to exchange and exchange with each other about Tet. You will see articles with hashtag # Tet19 appears more and more, there is also a page tinhte.vn/tet19 to synthesize everything you need to […]

# Tet19: Items to check before taking the car away

Long trips are always potential risks and unexpected problems. To eliminate these things, the best way is to always be well prepared. The car is a companion and if the car is not well prepared, it is obvious that it is a reaction. I will share with you a few experiences of checking the car […]

[Android, iOS] # Tet19: clean up your phone to prepare for the new year with 3 simple steps

Preparing for Tet, outside cleaning the door, cleaning up the car, the phone is also something you need to clean up to make sure your device runs well and doesn’t run out of capacity in the middle of going to Tet. In this article, I summarize the most commonly used ways when you need to […]

Tam Thanh Mural Village: Beautiful and casual murals, really should not be overlooked

Motorbike nearly 50km from Hoi An to Tam Thanh Mural Village (Tam Ky-Quang Nam) but I’m still not tired when everything is in front of my eyes. Even though I had the opportunity to experience the unique walls of Penang, the picturesque villages of Korea such as Gamcheon /Ihwa, my Tam Thanh Mural Village was […]