# Tet19: Top 10 backup batteries worth buying during Tet Holiday

Backup battery is one of the most essential and important accessories for current Smatphone. Whether medium or high-end mobile devices, which are equipped inside a battery pack of sufficient or high capacity, they cannot meet the needs of today’s brothers. And you are ready to celebrate the traditional Tet holiday, go home with your family […]

# Tet19: Things need to be careful when card transactions last year

The end of the year is a season of card money, and it’s also a season of bad guys who strengthen hacking activities to steal your money. These are the ways I use to ensure the security of my card’s money, please consult. 1. Separate accounts for international cards and ATM cards The national card […]

Some information to keep in mind before measles outbreaks may re-start

Coming to Tet, when there is an outbreak of measles again in the South, this is a worrying point for both adults, especially pregnant women. This is also in the expectation of the Ministry of Health and the Departments concerned by the turnaround factor once every 4-5 years, the previous outbreak was in 2014. However, […]

# Tet19: How to buy a household electric rice cooker

Here I share with you some experience of choosing rice cookers to cook at home. These pots are a normal pot, not a smart pot with Wi-Fi connection (I have no experience with such smart products). With the upcoming Tet holiday, you may buy a new rice cooker or buy a rice cooker to give […]