Discharge of technology warehouse at Cafe Tinhte Saturday 19/1/2019

Saturday, January 19, here, Tinhte will organize & quot; Discharge of technology warehouse & quot; with a lot of shops and many different attractive technology items are old there. The program takes place from 8:00 to 17:00 and is particularly indispensable for the familiar 90% discount item of Tinhte.vn Program content 8h: technology discharge program […]

Tech Awards 2018 will take place tomorrow 9/1, giving free tickets for brothers

VnExpress’s Tech Awards 2018 will take place tomorrow, January 9. The event will honor technology products appreciated by readers of VnExpress and technology experts in 7 categories including phones, laptops, cameras, TVs, smart watches, smart appliances and Application for life 4.0. The event will take place from 13pm including: Smart space exhibition Living with smart […]

Tinhte.vn/ces19: invite brothers

We include @cuhiep @ Trung Dt @ chuyengiaphaxe @ AudioPsycho have come to Las Vegas to prepare their hands on technology products released here. The products at this year’s CES show focus on 8K resolution TVs, MicroLED TVs, Gaming computers, electric cars, self-propelled cars, complete wireless headsets, coal discs, smart speakers, wearable devices. , 5G, […]

Featured photos of 2018 made by Magnum Photos

At the end of the old year at the beginning of the new year, it is always a time for the community to admire countless photographs from big newspapers, photo organizations or annual awards of firms. One of the collections of five photography lovers cannot be missed is the series of legendary Photo Organization Magnum […]

No photo of frozen lake: It’s not like you think!

Recently on Reddit, photographer Josh Nukem has posted a & quot; no photo & quot; Capture landscapes of frozen lakes in cold winter. But it is surprising that the author of this picture shared that this is just a normal photo of him taking water holes on the ground with his iPhone 8 Plus. This […]

New year, let’s kiss! – Photos Magnum Photos

Kisses are always a symbol of the world for the sacred emotion called Love. In some Western countries, making a momentary kiss with someone you love or with anyone next to you is a method of good luck as well as a & quot; guarantee & quot; a new year is not lonely. The Exquisite […]

At the end of the year, I stepped in Da Lat. Where are you going? Please share it.

Accidentally having a job in Da Lat on the last day of 2018, I had to live in the crowds of & quot; humanity & quot; on every road, street corner when going out. People are so tight that circulation is really difficult. If there is a need to take a taxi or grab you […]

[Canon 2019] Will Canon launch 7 RF lenses for the EOS R series this year?

2019 is the year Canon will launch a series of RF lenses. Almost certainly, they will deliver at least one EF-M lens to Canonian handsets for the EOS-M series and 7 RF lenses for the EOS-R series, although the camera array is still unclear. In addition, Canon will not release a new EF lens and […]

Fujifilm rumor 2019: X-Pro3, X200, X-T30.

Fujifilm mirrorless models always attract the attention of users every launch. Recently, according to some predictions, 2019 will probably be the year that Fujifilm will introduce new replacement models in the X-Pro or X100 series. Whether the Refugees Camera is ready to “collect rice” & quot; waiting for these models?   Concept camera model for […]

[HOT] Leaked technical information Sony A7000

Sony A7000 is one of the most anticipated mirrorless models of 2019. It will also be the first model to appear this year, according to the media, at the fair. CES will be held in mid-January 2019. Recent leakages confirm that the A7000 will be an extremely powerful camera. According to Sony Rumors, this Sony […]