5 interesting facts about colors

In everyday life, people are always exposed to colors from all around. The power of color on people’s lives is indisputable. Why is the bowl of beautiful chopsticks with elegant colors helping to eat better, or does a colorful photo make people remember longer? And what color is ultimately for us? Exquisite Camera please summarize […]

5 highlights when experiencing Camera Vsmart Joy 1

The Vsmart Joy 1 is the cheapest of four recent Vinsmart smartphones. Users who do not expect too much on a phone with only 2.5 million dong in terms of camera performance, however, Vsmart Joy 1 has shown itself to be a phone worthy of this price. Camera Delicate, please highlight the 5 highlights of […]

5 films worth watching about Photography for the end of the year

The year 2018 is slowly returning to the last days, this is also a reasonable time for people to summarize the work in the past year, as well as taking time to rest and entertain before the new year. Movies are always an effective way of entertainment that helps to broaden your knowledge and engage […]