Viettel is licensed to test 5G network in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM

Viettel is the first network operator in Vietnam to be licensed to test 5G in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. According to ICTNews, Viettel has completed the application for testing 5G network infrastructure after it has been prepared before. The operator hopes to build a stable infrastructure to cater for upcoming 5G network […]

[QC] Good products come with good service quality – two vital elements of telecommunications businesses

& quot; There is an elderly doctor who comes to the transaction point to ask why his phone registered for 4G service but cannot access the network, she asked me to give priority to support the elderly and affable instructing you how to turn on data because you accidentally turned off internet access mode & […]

[Video] Activate eSIM Viettel network on iPhone XR in Vietnam

A very clear video just posted on Youtube showed that it was possible to activate the eSIM provided by Viettel in Vietnam. In the video that was shot at Viettel, a girlfriend guided step by step to enable this feature on an iPhone XR 2 SIM (1 physical, 1 eSIM). Basically, users after registration will […]

The experience of transferring a member’s pure network, did you do it?

A friend on Group Tinh Te has just changed the network to keep the phone number and has the following shares: “Review the network transfer to keep the number for you.” I am using 2 Mobi numbers for 10 years. Relatives all use Viettel, so waiting for the network to keep the number is quite […]

Viettel Voice Over LTE trial: connect faster, sound and bigger

Experience fast data-based fast conversation (Voice Over LTE) shows many significant benefits. Most impressive is the ability to quickly connect almost twice what is happening on 2G platform. Next is the sound you hear will have higher resolution as well as larger volume. This will give us a more complete, informative voice voice experience so […]