# TTBC18: Honda and Yamaha motorcycles are overwhelming, high-powered cars are more popular

With more than 14,000 visitors, the category of Tinh Binh Chua 2018 has found the most loved car models of the past year. The top 3 motorbike categories include 1 Honda representative and 2 names from Yamaha. In addition, these two brands of Japanese motorcycles also together constitute an overwhelming vote in each category. Meanwhile, […]

Review Yamaha Grande Blue Core Hybrid 2019 – more safe and fun

If someone now asks whether to buy a scooter for women in the range of 50 million, one of my top suggestions will be a 2019 upgraded Yamaha Grande Blue Core Hybrid. There are two main reasons why I say Thus: one is ABS braking system for girls to drive safer; the second is Blue […]

# CES19 On hand electric scooter Yamaha Tritown – 3 wheels, 40 kg, running 32 km

Tritown is Yamaha’s personal electric vehicle idea. The Tritown version that Yamaha displayed at CES 2019 is the market-ready version of the Tritown concept car introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. The most interesting thing about this personal electric car is that it has a 3-wheel configuration, inspired by Leaning Multi Wheeler technology […]

Quick test of fuel consumption Yamaha Grande Blue Core Hybrid – more than 59 km / liter of urban roads

After a few days of experience and running more than 100 km with the Yamaha Grande Blue Core Hybrid in the city, I got the fuel consumption results of the car. The number achieved much higher than my initial expectations, more than 59 km /liter in the condition of a comfortable station, most people travel […]

Yamaha and investment funds “poured” $ 12 million into the company that supports the skeleton

In a new announcement, as the leading company in the business, Toyota said it had invested $ 12 million in other companies in Roam Robotics – a start-up company specializing in developing supportive skeletons. (exoskeleton) based in Silicon Valley (USA). Elevate – the first system developed by this company is for snowboarders. The manufacturer said […]

Details Yamaha NVX 155 Doxou version – highlighted with neon green combined with pink light

Later this year, in addition to Yamaha Grande Blue Core Hybrid, this Japanese automaker also introduced two new versions of Yamaha Exciter 150 and Yamaha NVX 155 called Doxou. Inspired by Doxou – in Japanese means “creative” and “ahead of the trend.” 2 models of Doxou maintain the performance of the vehicle, only changing the […]